Auto follow drone?!

  • So does anybody have a self follow drone that they use?!? I'm looking for one all the good ones are over 1200$$ need something cheaper that can hold a go pro

  • I don't think there are any with auto pilot using gopros.. most of them have their own camera and over 1500$. I just got a phantom 4 a few weeks ago.. it has auto pilot that works pretty good ..

  • @dirtyjersey The Phantom 4 is the only way to go if you want auto-follow. Like @njcustom said, it has its own camera and a built-in gimbal stabilizer. Start saving your money.

  • Search Kickstarter for FlyPro XEagle.
    I invested, and then decided I'd rather use my $700 to buy a OneWheel!

  • I would be extremely wary of any drone Kickstarter that sounds too good to be true. The Zano drone Kickstarter raised $3.5 million, then imploded before any backers got a drone. And all the Lily backers are still waiting for that thing to come out, and the Kickstarter has been over for a few years now.

    The Phantom 4 might seem a tad expensive, but it's a proven product that actually exists, it's not just a CG concept video. And no, I don't work for DJI.

  • Supposedly a company called Vantage Robotics is releasing their "snap drone" next month...

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