Elevated nose

  • Hello Team,

    I got my onewheel a few days ago.

    Using Classic mode for now.

    I feel classic mode is dangerous due to the elevated nose that always kicks in. I think it is a dangerous feature and should be removed. If anyone knows how please advise.

    It kicks in right when i start having fun and results in a slow down / crash. I live in a very hilly area and I absolutely hate when my nose kicks up.

    Solution: switch to extreme mode... but if it happens in this mode I will regret my purchase entirely. thats why im a little scared, to just be disappointed with this "safety" feature that ruins my ride.

    Let me control the board please. Any help?

  • If you live in a hill area keep your board on elevated and that should help a lot. If you read around youll see that everyone here advises not to ride in classic. Give elevated a go and let us know how that works for ya.

  • @Seekwence Yes, you're saying exactly what everyone here has been saying on these forums since the beginning. Switching to Extreme was a great choice. Keep it there, or even try Elevated mode. Both have higher top speeds, so pushback occurs later.

    Start slow! Learn how to control the Onewheel at lower speeds before trying to go for speed riding, or you could get seriously injured. Learning in Extreme is good, because you won't have any unexpected speedups while you do it.

  • Most people ride in extreme.
    I tried elevated and never went back.

  • @sonny123 said in Elevated nose:

    Most people ride in extreme.
    I tried elevated and never went back.

    Yup Like @thegreck and @sonny123 said Go Extreme!!

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