The ability to turn off reverse function

  • Won't lie, I'm in my first week of using onewheel and I love it! But the time that I fall off the most is when I'm trying to dismount. If I could turn off the reverse function from the app and be able to slow to a stop and simply lean the back edge to the ground to Dismount that would be perfect. I never use reverse and don't think I need it.

  • When you stop just shift your front foot off the sensor and you won't reverse. I see what you're saying though

  • @StDave It might seem like nothing is happening when you're stopped, but try balancing with the Onewheel turned off and you'll see just how much the electronics are helping you out, which it does by moving the wheel back and forth thousands of times a second, based on tiny changes in the tilt of the board. If you removed reverse, you'd essentially be removing the self-balancing.

  • @thegreck wow that is a smart analysis

  • I think most people move their foot off one sensor while standing still, then dismount, try taking your foot off one sensor as you begin to decelerate, this way, once the board goes below 0.5mph, it will disengage smoothly, rather than entering reverse.

    Using this trick, you can ride full speed, rotate your foot off one sensor, and shove the tail down, you'll quickly stop and disengage all in one smooth movement.

  • @No With the added bonus of looking like a badass.

  • Thanks guys, I have found that after trying to balance on the onewheel with it turned off (to see how much the self balancing actually helped me) and trying to dismount the onewheel while going .5 miles an hour my dismounting skills have greatly improved!

  • I must be doing the smooth disengage too fast as I've slid on the rear bumper more than once doing this

  • Just slide you're front foot off of the sensor .... Before I got mine that was my biggest concern that everybody complained about dismount๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ that was the easiest thing for me those speed wobbles though

  • Hold onto something and practice.. it's very easy..

  • @StDave ^^^ Maybe easy for some people. For others, like me, it took months of practice to get good at it. Even now, I find I screw it up every now and then when the motor doesn't disengage quite as soon as I'm expecting, or I don't quite get my foot off the sensor all the way, or I'm a tad bit off balance when I come to a stop for whatever reason. But most of the time, my dismount is smooth as silk ;)

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