Trotter (OW knockoff) Video

  • It's make me think of:
    What's the difference between a wild stallion and a circus pony? LOL

  • I discovered a friend of mine has a Trotter, and I was able to check it out briefly, but didn't get a chance to ride it yet (next time). I'm not going to replace my OW with it, but initial inspection overall seems positive despite the fact that it clearly is a ripoff of OW (or is it the other way around? ;-). It is only slightly heavier, but still seems solid. Double the range, half the price, but no app and I'm not sure what you do for service or warranty. One distinct difference is that it has a foot switch on both footpads, so starting out, you have to lean more forward upon setting your front foot or you will take off in reverse. I will have to retrain my brain before trying it out. No battery fires so far lol.

  • @lieutenantglorp Can you even buy those things legally in the US? I tried googling it, but just got a bunch of links to the article about when their booth got shut down at CES. Wanted to see if your "twice the range" comment had any merit, because from what I've heard, it goes half as fast, which technically would give it twice the range, but in my eyes just makes it pretty lame.

  • I thought the music was really Professional lulz

  • Yea they chose the worst song on the planet.. hate them already.

  • @lieutenantglorp Looks like it goes 12mph vs 15-20mph, and takes 2 hours to charge vs 20 mins.

    That last bit is a pretty big deal, because with a 20-min charge time, you can easily ride all day and just charge while you break for a snack. Two hours is long enough to watch a movie while you charge.

  • @thegreck

    I agree and I don't think anyone having experienced the OW would prefer this unless initial budget was the only factor, or they actually needed double the range (continuous). It is interesting to see and compare though.

  • Trotter, meh. Looks like a plastic toy knock-off version of Onewheel, which in my opinion looks amazing and has performance to match. Never tried it and never will, there is no substitute to a real Onewheel.

  • @lieutenantglorp said in Trotter (OW knockoff) Video:

    ... It is only slightly heavier, but still seems solid. Double the range...

    When looking at the linked specs, it doesn't really tell how heavy it is, but the package says 18kg. Compared to the OW 11kg that's quite a lot.
    You'd think that the battery would be a lot bigger, but it's only about 211kWh. What was the OW again ~180?
    I probably would trade some weight for range tho, but rather as an external pack.
    Yet to find any really good solutions to that problem that will ship to sweden...

  • Alot of people don't know that those Chinese knockoff wheels have used and or recycled batteries.. they last a few months and that's it..

  • How did FM not patent this idea!?

  • @kelp they did.. Chinese don't respect patent laws

  • @lieutenantglorp Hello, did you get a chance to ride the Trotter? I'm curious to hear about direct OW comparisons and real world tests.

    Does your friend still use theirs?

  • @MrCamel Yes, I did finally get a chance a couple weeks ago. It definitely is more challenging and awkward to get going compared to the OW (SCARY at first!) Since both footpads are switched, the moment you set your front foot you are off and running, instead of balance board until coming to level like the OW. It feels like an extreme version of elevated on the OW when starting out. Once you come to level and start riding along, I guess it's a similar experience except it's very jerky between accelerating/ not accelerating. Not sure if they all ride like this or something was out of adjustment. The wheel diameter seems a little smaller though which helps starting out since the board angle is not as steep. Overall, it gets the job done, but IMO you definitely get what you pay for. The OW is expectedly overpriced since not at mass production level and made in the USA. I can understand the attraction to paying half for a similar experience, but the Trotter as expected, clearly isn't as good. If and when the OW price comes down to the Segway miniPRO price range, it would be a no brainer to choose the OW over anything similar.

  • @lieutenantglorp

    For couple hundred $ more, you can pick up a slightly used one.

  • Looks slow and bulky. And it's gotta be pretty darn bulky to look bigger than the OW... we all love our OW, but let's face it, the thing is not what you'd call "sleek"

  • @p3eps my thoughts exactly. well, that AND how crap the music was. jeesh...

  • i have 2 XRs. i love them. i've spent a ton of $$ customizing both of them completely. that being said, i wouldn't even consider taking them on the playa for burning man and subjecting them to that corrosive alkaline dust for a full week plus. i could imagine getting a used one of these shitwheels and just leaving it out there for someone to have when the burn was over. kind of a disposable onewheel purely for utility. my only question is, are they even remotely as fun to ride? do they go as fast? apparently the have more range, which, for the burn would be a plus...but then again, i have xrs and i'm used to getting 15+ miles on a charge. anyways, seems like the only good use for these things..

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