Trotter (OW knockoff) Video

  • Looks slow and bulky. And it's gotta be pretty darn bulky to look bigger than the OW... we all love our OW, but let's face it, the thing is not what you'd call "sleek"

  • @p3eps my thoughts exactly. well, that AND how crap the music was. jeesh...

  • i have 2 XRs. i love them. i've spent a ton of $$ customizing both of them completely. that being said, i wouldn't even consider taking them on the playa for burning man and subjecting them to that corrosive alkaline dust for a full week plus. i could imagine getting a used one of these shitwheels and just leaving it out there for someone to have when the burn was over. kind of a disposable onewheel purely for utility. my only question is, are they even remotely as fun to ride? do they go as fast? apparently the have more range, which, for the burn would be a plus...but then again, i have xrs and i'm used to getting 15+ miles on a charge. anyways, seems like the only good use for these things..

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