Ready to Ride indicator?

  • I can't tell you how many times, usually in public, I turn it on, hop on, press down, and plop the front down and stumble,...repeat.
    How about a way to indicate to the rider that it started, calibrated successfully, and is ready to ride? At night its not an issue cause you can see the LEDS but it is awkward to try to bend over the front of it to see the lights during the day. Can the ow beep? Flash a certain pattern on the power button light?(still hard to see in the light) Maybe it does this already and I just don't know who to interpret the power button light?

  • @wr420 I always do the kick test before mounting. Just push it with your foot... if it rolls, it's not ready.

  • Duh! I never thought of checking that. Thank you!!

  • @wr420 yes @thegreck has a 100% way to tell, always works with out fail!

  • @wr420 I also recently found at least one reason why sometimes my board doesn't want to play nice when I turn it on: The Onewheel doesn't like if you put pressure on the sensors when you turn it on, and it'll cause an error... I found I sometimes put my thumb on the footpad while turning it on to hold it in place. Something to look out for!

  • @thegreck Thanks for the info, good to know.

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