Board not turning on sometimes

  • About 1 in 4 times, my board will not turn on properly after pressing the button. The button itself blinks blue every time, but the front/back lights won't turn on and the engine will never engage.
    I have to keep pressing power on/off a couple times to make it work again.

    Anyone else experiencing this? Any solution?

  • Are you setting the ow down on the ground properly, then turning it on? Pressing the button while the ow is being held or flipped in any other direction can result in problems starting up.

  • Most of the time the problem is when I'm still holding it vertically in my hand, about to set it down on the ground, so that makes sense.

    But I swear I've seen it happen multiple times when it was on the ground as well, though much rarer. Maybe it sometimes thinks it's not at the correct angle?

  • I would suggest always making sure it's placed properly on the ground before switching it on. I've personally never experienced this issue. If it does continue to be a problem, you'll want to contact support.

  • It has to be on the ground first before turning on now....The app will now warn you of that too..

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