Let's get Elevated

  • Like many, I've come to love riding Elevated. I've also been riding quite a bit with the sensors in the back, just to mix it up. When you combine the 2, I swear you get a new level of Elevated, just a notch higher in the front than usual. Now I try to go back to Extreme and it feels like it's a low-rider (which I also like). Elevated is the new 'level' and switch-Elevated is the new 3rd option. Test it out, maybe I'm just going crazy.

  • No you ain't...
    Been riding elevated for couple weeks now and ain't no way I'm going back.
    In fact, I have fear of nose dive if I try extreme as I'm used to slightly high front.
    I love the feelin as you're cruising you can just push it down and accelerate further.

  • @sonny123 you riding Elevated with the sensors in back?

  • @jordo

    Nope. I'm used to sensors in front.
    My front foot is pretty flat on while I'm riding,
    while my back foot occasional moves or tilts.

  • @jordo I ride in Extreme mode, but I've gotten to the point that I continuously ride exactly at the point of pushback, so it always feels like I'm in Elevated.

    But I actually wish I could turn off pushback, because I can judge my speed pretty well by the sound of the motor. When it screams at me, I know I'd better slow down.

  • @jordo

    BTW, if you're riding elevated with the sensors in the back,
    wouldn't that make it classic mode?

  • @thegreck I super mega wish that once you had proven yourself to your OW it magically unlocked into a secret hidden mode that eliminated classic mode and pushback forever. You would still have elevated but with no pushback. Wish someone could hack the firmware.

  • OK, I guess I wasn't as clear as I could have been. I have no concerns about pushback, speed, nosediving, etc. I only started riding with the sensors in the back to see if it provided any different feel than what I've come to know as Extreme and Elevated. My point is that if you put your OW in Elevated and ride it with the sensors in the back, it seems to be elevated even beyond what we know as 'Elevated'. Sooooo...if you like riding in Elevated mode, try putting the sensors in the back. Let me know what you think. I first started to notice this while riding around switch, it always seems to elevate my front foot more when the sensors are in back.

    @sonny123 not sure how Elevated with sensors in back = Classic

  • @jordo

    Well, I think when you ride in extreme, the deck is level when you're at a stand still or neutral.
    So it doesn't matter if the sensors side is in the back.

    But in classic, the front is slightly down and in extreme it's slightly up when at a stand still or neutral.

    So if you prefer sensors in back and want to ride elevated, you'll have to switch it to classic.

  • @sonny123 go try it, it's definitely not Classic mode. My understanding is that Classic mode is not a different tilt, just earlier pushback (and overall less predictable behavior). Someone PLEASE go try it, I think you'll like it.

  • @jordo Okay I'm gonna try it. I could be wrong on this.

  • @sonny123 You didn't put the sensors in the back! Start out by pushing the elevated side of the board down with your left foot, and then ride as you typically do with your right foot forward (goofy). I'll upload a video and you'll see that it's so elevated the tail nearly drags the ground.

  • @jordo

    Sorry, that was earlier video I meant to post.
    Gonna try your way later today.
    Look forward to see your video.

  • Check it out, ass draggin'

    Click to watch...

  • That's interesting.
    I re-read the entire thread and gonna try it out tonight and see what happens.
    Thanks for the video.

  • Amazing information, thanks for sharing. I will be giving Elevated a go right out of the box. @jordo ... Great video!

  • I tried it briefly in the parking lot, with sensors in back on elevated.
    I was no where near the height you're getting. Odd.

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