Wheeling with Tunes?

  • While I wait for the arrival of my OW I have been day dreaming of all the varied paths to ride. One element that will almost 100% make it on each ride will be my tunes. I am curious if most OWheelers listen while riding. Let me know your take... Appreciate your perspectives on this.

  • @LidPhones I know a lot of people listen to music while riding, but I depend on hearing the sound of the motor to know if there's anything wrong, or if I'm about to go beyond max speed, so I just have to listen to the sounds of nature. And of people saying "Did you make that what is it where'd you get it what's it called how does it work how much is it does it have a motor does it blow up like those things can I try it???"

  • It depends how alert you are. If you are in an area with traffic flow, keep one ear open to listen (the one behind you)

    I honestly don't like riding without music. I listen to Stick Figure or some sweet underground hiphop. I carve dance when I ride. Its sexy.

    especially off roading where you need to focus, music helps a lot.

  • I normally listen to music when I ride simply so people dont try and talk to me because I wanna enjoy the ride. I tend to stay off the road. Sidewalk and paths I dont need to worry so much but I still look back when Im on trails incase Im being followed by wildlife.

  • Thank you for the perspectives. I am positive that my ride will be with and without tunes depending on my objectives and comfort level on the path...... Now I just need the OW to be delivered...

  • When carving at ease on bike paths etc... I started recently started listening to music as well, it's really nice.
    But when riding on streets, or pushing against pushback, I find it pretty dangerous not to hear the engine growling when too fast...

  • I just bought a bluetooth waterproof speaker for my OneWheel. I looked at many, and chose a cheap but well rated one made by Arespark. I am attaching it to the fender with velcro, and connecting to my iphone by Bluetooth. It is more than loud enough, and has 8 hour battery life, and has an SD card slot which you can play music from (a well as from your iPhone. I rider exclusively on the beach, so waterproof was important to me. Under $40, but you can spend a LOT more... No distractions or cars on the beach, so I will be cranking it!

  • @Count ooh good idea! I was given a waterproof shower speaker as a gift but I already had one... now I know what to do with the extra!

  • I have a blue tooth speaker that I hang from my belt loop on my pants. I wouldn't wear earphones myself. I don't want anything keeping me from hearing cars pulling out or what ever hazards may be out there.

  • Too much danger around and too many oodlers with queries....

  • I have been riding on the farm for almost a year and have been loving listening music while One Wheeling. However, I finally got on out the paved streets recently and felt ~very much at risk~ with earphones on so I fully agree...when riding anywhere near traffic or other moving obstacles, keep your ears open and your awareness up!

  • Good advice!

  • I have about 25 miles on my OW and must say that I agree with keeping your ears and eyes open when sharing the roadways and trails. When you are out in the wild (open spaces) Tunes enhance the ride.

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