Bluetooth Tether or Countdown

  • Hi,

    Given the sheer amount of interest in the board, sometimes i allow people to have a go of my onewheel in hopes to

    i.) raise awareness of FM and the onewheel product
    ii.) get more people interested to grow a community in my respective part of the world

    It would be great to be able to set-up a Bluetooth tether where once the board got out of range (in theory bluetooth is good to 10 metres) the unit just stops or a countdown timer (1-2 minutes) where the unit works and stops.

    Maybe we could make another "profile" called "Demo" in addition to "Extreme" , "Elevated" & "Beginner"

  • Great idea actually... I am also concerned with someone riding off with my board...

  • You guys are crazy.. I would never let a stranger ride my board..

  • @njcustom agreed... I just go with "ooh... sorry I dislocated my shoulder and tore my ACL in the first week of riding... so no. You can't."

    I also wouldn't want to waste precious battery life on someone else.

  • For Americans, just say, "I don't want the liability." Everyone will understand that one, sadly.

  • I think its fair enough that some people are careful regarding responsibility and liability from injury.

    Given that each time i take my board out, the amount of sheer interest is staggering!

    The people who i regularly see on my trips are now considering a purchase (or so they say) as they can see that the initial fear of them being too clumsy to operate the device isn't as bad as they once thought.