Rock crusher - to fender or not

  • Ok, I have only had my wheel for about two months, at first I got my pants dirty every time it was wet out, then my fender arrived. It definitely works and does its job. My long driveway is packed gravel, and some very small rocks in some places. I will say this about the fender, it is a bit more of a noisemaker, although I have grown to like the silly noise a rock makes as it travels over the wheel / between the fender. I have read a lot of discussions about using a different tire, one with tread perhaps. I think this would amplify the rock problem. I'm thinking more rocks would get trapped in the tread.

  • @pipefighter76 I agree... tread would be worse for gravel. The slick tire allows the rocks to bounce off, or eventually make their way out of the tire if they get embedded.

    You can also spread clear silicon caulking on the inside of the fender to cut down on the noise, too (tip by @njcustom).

  • Throw some dynamat in there lol

  • @wr420 - I picked up some of the non-aerosol plasti-dip and just painted on a couple layers with some cheep foam brushes from the dollar store...cut down on the pebble rattles significantly!

  • good idea for the plastidip inside, I have a can, I will give it a try :P

  • Ok, I also wanted to mention this. After it rolled down a bank and landed upside down in a stream, I rode it home and took the foot pads and bottom covers off to check water tight integrity. I was impressed at how dry and well protected it was. A few plugs under the bottom cover seem exposed, but I think they are the waterproof type. The other thing I noticed was where a TINY ROCK knocked up the metal edge of, I'm guessing, the battery box, right near the tire. I could see a rubber gasket under it, so I took a flat head screwdriver and tapped it back down flush. I now have 290 miles and I have only had it for two months. I think it's built like a tank. Love the reactions it gets out of folks also. There are some true threads on here about questions asked by strangers. think it may be my prized possession.

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