30 MPH!!

  • I just want to preface this by saying i'm no engineer. I don't actually know what it takes to make one of these boards double in speed. But 15 MPH is a little weak. Boosted Boards are winning with 22 MPH at the same exact price point. In fact, the weakest Boosted Board is faster than One Wheel. If the speeds were even I would definitely say One Wheel has the advantage (intuitive controls and off roading) but for someone who wants to use this as a commuter in the city, I would choose the faster option. If there was a 30 MPH version of One Wheel, I wouldn't hesitate.

  • But the Boosted Board has 4 wheels. Nosediving at 30mph sounds pretty scary!

  • @thegreck Ya you have a point but you can always have settings. Like the Boosted Board has different levels with different max speeds.

  • And you think i'm crazy for wanting 30 MPH please let me know. I want to know what you guys think.

  • You are crazy. You WILL be launched off of this thing more than once. Simply slide your front foot a bit and lose contact with the pad, and you are flying. It has a nasty habit of simply stopping when the battery gets low, launching you forward. Do that at 30 MPH on asphalt, and you are F'd! You have no idea how fast 15 MPH really is on this contraption which has only one wheel. My motorcycle does 180++ and I have ridden it at 160+ with little fear. The OneWheel at 15MPH is plenty fast for me!

  • Oh cmonnnn...the fastest i'v gone on my bike is 167 (once) and I almost shit bricks. There no way you can be scared of 30 MPH when you regularly go past 180. But your right I haven't tried one yet. Maybe they should fix the stopping when the battery is low too

  • @yoelalemayehu My car also stops when it runs out of gas. I've been complaining to the car maker, but so far no one has responded to my emails.

  • I've hit 21mph on my Onewheel 😉

  • This person doesn't have a board yet.. it's pretty obvious lol..

  • I think that the OW is an awesome carving machine so the faster you go, at least you can turn...this board isn't made to go straight and fast....the most important is elsewhere thought...

  • @fabuz I do agree that the onewheel is really an awesome machine for many things, but I think it could be better for carving with a more round tire. I miss the feeling of the board inclination that I have with longboards. but I do love the offroading capabilities and so on...

  • Boosted boards can't do or go half the places one wheel can so if your strictly on the pavement and want to go fast get one of those but if you wna hit the beach and carve some sand or hit the woods good luck on a boosted board

  • Troll account. Im not worried.

  • Longer discussion of various OW advantages here:


  • Yea but the onewheel can conquer much harsher conditions and obstacles than the Boosted Board.

    You are very limited on riding conditions with a boosted board, whereas Onewheel thrives off-road - Wet weather - mud - sand - dirt w/ roots - gravel - rocky terrain - grass.

    Not to mention how smooth and buttery a ride is on pavement, you do not feel every crack vibrate through your body like on a Boostedboard.

  • @yoelalemayehu I crave speed too man, but its on ONE wheel. So one bump and youre air born.

  • @yoelalemayehu OK, fair enough, I was scared as hell on my motorcycle going that fast. Anyone who ways they were not is a lair! However, I have fallen enough times on the OneWheel at 15 MPH to know that I DO NOT want to fall at 30!

  • As a Boosted and OW owner, you DO NOT want to be going anywhere near 30 on a one wheel. The boosted is a lot more stable and overall smoother which allows high speeds possible. Also the Dual+ actually cruises at 20mph, not 22.

  • Electric skateboard and OW are 2 different things.
    Many of us came from e. skateboards and gave up speed for the joy of riding OW at 4-6 miles mph less.
    It's hard to explain, you'll just have to ride one.

  • @sonny123 You are right...I still ride both, but the onewheel is really something apart. I prefer e-longboard for long comuting (+10km) on asphalt path, but for anything shorter, I prefer the onewheel. Also with longboard I was stuck on bicycle path, while with the onewheel, I'm riding everywhere except bicycle paths lol :D local parcs, small trails, everything is fun :D

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