Classic mode dangerous?

  • The other day I accidentally changed my settings after turning the board on and touching the footpad when upright. I took a spin and felt the pushback, immediately alerting me to the fact that I wasn't in extreme mode. I felt like I had way less control and the pushback was very unnerving. Hopefully they will update the next firmware with some lockout option in upright. If I was on the street I definitely might have had a spill.

  • Do you mean that you did a manual mode-change? Because this is quoted from FM:

    "We strongly advise against using this to select your riding modes. First, the 1 blink is a learning mode that is not ready to be used. It has not been refined or tested enough for it to be in public use so please, do not use it. Secondly, when we introduce new modes down the line the manual system will become outdated and correspond to the wrong settings which can also be really dangerous. Again, we strongly advise against using this system."

    So maybe you didn't even get a proper mode? This was before the firmware update however, so if it's better or worse now I don't know.

    However I agree that the classic mode push-back can be very aggressive. When I rode the onewheel indoors, it made for fun "power slides"
    but out on the pavement it almost made me bailout at least once.
    I feel extreme mode to be a lot better.
    Note: I haven't tried the new classic/extreme since I haven't been able to update the firmware yet.

  • I just meant that its very easy to accidentally change your mode if you turn your board on while its not on the ground. I know its not the way we are told to start but it definitely can happen from time to time. Since I have an android device I need to borrow an iphone to change it back.

  • Well I also lack an Iphone, that's why I have been unable to update. I guess you could always manually change back again. But as they don't support it, I guess there is a possibility that you don't really get the same mode back.
    I didn't even know you could do it manually until someone mentioned it on the KS page, never really occurred to me to not having it in riding position when starting it.

  • @germx dude, go to best buy, buy an iphone/ipad/itouch/isomething, update your firmware, return the device.

  • @veryous Not a bad idea actually. Maybe I could just go down to one of the bigger chains and just update the board with a demo phone :P

  • @germx Or find a friend with an iphone.

    Once the app is downloaded, I love how easy it is to connect. No typical bluetooth pairing hoops to jump through.

  • How does manual mode switch work? I too, use android and just switched it off extreme mode by accident. I can borrow a friends phone to fix it but would like to know how to avoid it in the future and maybe try to switch it back to extreme without the app.

  • Found it!
    here is the quote

    "I figured out that there are four modes when switching manually [*], flashing one, two, three or four times. There's no indication of which mode it is in when you turn it on regularly (which is a bit annoying actually).

    [*] To switch manually: turn it off, flip on side with power button up; turn it on and the power light will flash 1-4 times, telling you which mode it is in; tap the pressure sensor to go up 1 mode (or back to 1 from 4)."

    now do these correspond with any of the mobile app settings?

  • From what I've observed post App update,
    1 flash: Not specified yet by FM
    2 flashes: Classic Mode
    3 flashes: Extreme Mode
    4 flashes: Elevated Mode
    I switch manually all the time when I'm letting people try out the board.
    I'm an Android phone user that uses an Ipad to change via the app, obviously not practical for riding about.
    Where's the Android App FM ;>) ?

  • I set my board to extreme mode manually and felt a lot less push-back than I am used to from extreme mode via the app. Is this extreme shaping 1.0?

  • @SkateFirst.SamT I don't think they are properly updated modes in any case. As far as feedback from FM I've only seen "don't use manual switching".
    Extreme 1.0 has zero pushback (I'm still using it due to lack of iphones).

  • When I was first learning to ride, the pushback felt very natural to me. So natural that I thought I was the one subconsciously leaning back to slow down. After riding a little while longer, it became evident pushback was holding me back and I went to extreme.

    I think classic mode is a great staring point for any new rider to keep them from accidentally going to fast and wiping out.

  • Hey folks, I think we have two separate questions here.

    First let's address 'pushback' in Classic shaping. Pushback is a speed modulation feature that lifts the nose of the board in order to slow the rider down. Pushback kicks in at 10 mph in Classic and 13mph in Extreme and acts as a notification to slow down while preventing the rider from leaning forward to accelerate. Some riders have a tendency to fight the pushback by leaning forward to counter the board's tilt. Just remember you will not slow down until you give into the pushback and lean back with the board. Pushback is an important safety feature as there is no way to 'lock in' at a certain speed. If the rider were to continue to lean forward, they would go over the front. If you prefer to ride at higher speeds switch over to Extreme with a higher threshold for pushback.

    As for the analog shaping settings... We developed this for internal testing and troubleshooting purposes and they are not actively maintained and updated which is why we issued that warning. We strongly recommend using an iOS device to switch shaping setting with the app but that said we realize for many of you Android users it is the quickest way to change shaping settings. We are making headway on the android app and look forward to the days where this system will be obsolete for all our riders!

  • Great news that you are making headway on the Android app.

    I still think you should consider fully supporting manual switching; probably with only two standard modes for simplicity. Simply because you don't always have your phone, or your phone's battery dies, and you want to switch to classic mode for safety.

  • I almost always ride Classic and don't find it dangerous at all. The sudden pushback was unnerving the first few times it hit but now I have a feel for the top speed I don't seem to exceed it or get pushback anymore.

  • Classic is too slow unless I'm riding rough off road terrain. Even extreme is too slow on newly paved surfaces. Sometimes I just have to tell myself to slow down and enjoy carving rather than going for speed.

  • @Franky said:

    Sometimes I just have to tell myself to slow down and enjoy carving rather than going for speed.

    That's how I snowboard and this is my snowboard for the pavement. Always carve. Even when rolling slow in with pedestrian traffic I weave back and forth to keep them a little nervous and at bay.

  • @Franky Crazy talk. I freak out at high speeds. What's your secret? What boards did you ride before OW?

  • Ebay iPhone 4s, its lowest model to work with a OW.. Their about 90$ refurbished..

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