I may get in trouble for animal abuse.

  • One of the reasons I used to convince myself to get a ow was that it would help me get my dog excercise. She loves it. The funny part is, today I was at a park and about six people commented, some under their breath, how my dog must be strong, or they couldn't believe she could pull me along. It's either that or ,"did you make that?" Hey , someone needs to put together a video of people's reactions and questions. I'm toying with the fact -- if your riding around on one wheel, you can make people believe things that they never would if you out were on foot.

  • @pipefighter76 Haha! I never thought about that, but I guess it makes sense. When people walk their dogs while skateboarding, the dog is usually pulling them... so it must look odd to see what seems to be a dog pulling someone across grass and dirt on what looks to them like a balance board.

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