Oldest Rider?

  • I just turned 54 and have been following One Wheel for the past couple years now. I gave up snowboarding after having a hip replacement (left side/front foot), that didn't like staying in place only 5 years after the surgery. I don't see myself learning to ride goofy foot, and I'm well aware of the highly inevitable possibility of nose diving and launching myself. But I'm still thinking that I could go slow until I'm comfortable, and have some fun riding. I mean really...I could be doing almost anything and break my hip. So why not give it a shot. I was skateboarding back in the Dogtown days.

    So are there any other older riders on the board?

  • @kinolau Well, I'm 46, and was afraid I was too old to be riding one when I ordered it. But since then, I've found that it's a great way for people who used to skateboard when they were younger and miss the thrill of it, but don't miss the pain of falling off of them. I feel like a kid again when I'm on my Onewheel.

    Sure, you read a lot about people nosediving and hurting themselves, but trust me, bad falls are avoidable if you start slow and figure out how the thing works and learn to control it (advice I got from the great @fabuz that I took to heart). I've had to hop off of it many times when I suddenly find myself off balance, but I've been riding regularly since December of last year, on-road and off, and commute to work (many times I'm running late and have to fight pushback for the mile trip to the train station) and have yet to have even a remotely bad fall.

    Once you get in tune with your board and understand how to ride and what the limitations are, the Onewheel is so much easier to control than a skateboard, and can also take on a lot more terrain and imperfections in the riding surfaces. I say go for it. Take the advice of the best riders on the forum and start slow, get to know your board, and have a blast!

  • Minimum protective gear while learning would be a helmet and wrist guards? I was thinking that I could start by riding in the grass at some of the local parks.

  • @kinolau Yeah, parks are a great place to learn.

    And as far as pads, that's what I started with (I wore knee pads and elbow pads the first day, but ditched them after that and only put them on when I know I'm going to be trying something that I might get hurt doing). I should probably still wear wrist guards, but after a few months I started just wearing a helmet.

    Actually, I also have a pair of Shock Doctor impact shorts that I still wear, they're undetectable under shorts or pants, and can save your hip, thigh, or tail bone a lot of pain if you do fall:

  • I wear wrist guards guards and helmet when cruising around, those are a 100% must. When I hit the bike pump track or push it I add my knee and elbow protection and I have a padded butt pad..

    I'm not was worried about looking cool.. lol. I fall and jump back on, road rash and bruises will ruin your week..

  • @kinolau
    So are there any other older riders on the board?

    yessir I'm 52 according to my girlfriend. The awesome thing about this device is it's ability to perform at slow speeds. Riding switch is much easier on this than on a snowboard. It's very intuitive, all you need to do is relax and lean the direction you want to move. My advice is to start on grass or sand and then move to cement. You will love it!

  • 58 here. I ride unprotected on the beach, but do wear a helmet and wrist guards on the road or sidewalks, as a fall onto a hard surface is just not something I am willing to gamble with. I ride on the beach with baggies and flip flops. No issues so far...

  • There is a learning curve so I would pad up at first for sure. I order of importance for me. Helmet, wrist guards, knee pads (injury), padded shorts (G-form), elbow. I read the advice of experienced riders (very helpful!) and still made a mistake. I always wear helmet and wrist guards. I am a few years younger but no one is taking my onewheel away from me when I reach my 50's .

  • I feel so young being 30! Thanks guys!

  • @kinolau I'm just a year behind you and am loving my new OW. Not only am I "old", I"m also a woman! I feel like OneWheel allows me to break a few barriers and be who I feel I am on the inside. It's such a freedom to burn around my neighbourhood on a cool board that other people just wish they had... Yes, like everyone else has said, wear safety gear and be careful. But go for it and have some fun!

  • @westcoastr

    I'm 59 and loving it.. :-) .. https://vimeo.com/162459999

  • eric
    7 octobre 1961

  • @juts That's right.
    When I was 30, I thought 50 was old. :)
    Hitting the big 50 soon and feel like 30.
    It's true what they say, 50 is the new 30. lol..

    OW is like a horse. You have to understand it, take care of it, talk to it (okay now I'm pushing it)..
    Nose dive is mainly due to getting ahead of oneself.
    Been riding for around 2 months and just started getting comfortable on grass and dirt.
    Allow it time. There's a learning curve that come gradually.

    It's the closest thing to a hoverboard before the stupid 2 wheel self balance board ruined that word.

  • I am waiting on the the OW arrival.... Should be sometime next week. I am getting the bumpers from the combo kit this week it seems. I will be hitting 45 in July so it is my early Birthday gift. My credo has always been.... Just Keep Moving Forward! The OW should be a fun part of that.

  • Wow...and here I was thinking I'd get responses about my being a Crazy Old Dude...lol. Thanks for the replies. Any new owners know what the lead time looks like on shipping?

  • @kinolau It looks like about one week. Depends if you buy 100% or use the Affirm option. They said it adds an additional week to process that method.

  • Turned 65 in March and look forward to riding every day whether it's to de-stress after work, run errands (post office, grocery store), whatever! Smooth dismounts was the hardest thing to perfect early on. Now, I ride within my limits and enjoy carving turns and perfecting technique. I use Strava to record my rides and average 15 to 20 miles a week. Looking forward to riding the beach. Age is not a barrier as long as you respect and trust in the board!

  • I gotta show this thread to my mom. She thinks I'm too old to be buying a "skateboard" (her reductive phrasing, not mine).

    I'm 26.

  • @1woman1wheel Uh oh. If you're too old, I'm in trouble!

  • @westcoastr said in Oldest Rider?:

    @1woman1wheel Uh oh. If you're too old, I'm in trouble!

    Yeah, no kidding. If she's old, then most of Onewheel's user base should just lie down in our graves and stop with all this carving shit!

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