New Video: Cruising the Horse Trails

  • This is a really fun place to ride, see what you guys think of the new edit!

  • @thegreck Nice! Smooth ride. What was your cruising speed most of the time?

  • @LidPhones Thanks! I usually ride right at pushback speed, so right around 15mph.

  • Great job bro! Your riding posture is really nice ! I can tell you're riding relaxed now!

  • @fabuz Thanks man! Yes, I still have a ways to go, but I'm getting better! Almost lost it a few times on this ride when I hit deeper sand and the board went squirrely on me, but I managed to stay on.

  • @thegreck your video rocks! good music too, nice footage, just great :D

  • @Tartopom That's a damn nice compliment, thank you!

  • After seeing that video, makes me wanna hit my OW and leave a note at the door "Gone surfing"..

    But I'll wait till 5..

  • Awesome vid Greck.

  • Great Video I agree with @Tartopom on the Music nice song choice.

  • i need to get a go-pro. I got some sweet trix to show.

  • Yeah I was out on a jogging trail yesterday.... I liked it. A hair more ruff Than your dirt path looked hard to say for sure. But, currently what I like, a bit more challenge. I like the off-roading :)

  • @thegreck I'm digging the all the new vids man! I think a great video is one that makes you want to stop what you're doing and jump on your Onewheel. And that is exactly what I feel like doing after watching that. I see your riding skills are up there now too! I hope everyone is reading your riding advice posts closely; -)

  • @Code-ster Thanks man, that's exactly what I'm hoping to do! That, and to make videos that are also interesting for people who don't ride a Onewheel (that hasn't always worked out so well though).

    And I really appreciate the comment about my skill level, so thanks! I'm getting better... but I definitely want to continue to get better and to take more chances. Makes the videos more interesting, that's for sure! There are so many things I wanted to do in this video, but I'm still not quite good enough -- or was just too scared to try. Maybe next time!

    Like, I wanted to hop down some of the steeper drops from the asphalt path to the dirt path, which were probably only about 5-6 inches, so it's not like rolling off a picnic table or anything, but I chickened out... and I want to try riding up onto those steep, leaf-covered banks along the path -- and maybe if I can get good at it, even ride them up over some of the little trees jutting out of them... and to do more fast weaving in and out of the fence posts.

    Stuff like that. I just basically want to try and keep pushing myself to try things that initially make me think: No effing way I'm doing that.

  • @thegreck I'm subscribed to you, dude, and I gotta say, your videos are killer. Out of curiosity, were there any tutorials you watched/read on the video editing end of things you'd recommend? I've been messing with Adobe Premiere, but most tutorials I see on Youtube are either too dry, too basic, or good but only cover very specific points.

  • @TxdoHawk Wow, thanks for that! I'm glad you're digging them... I'm having a lot of fun making them.

    And I think I learn more from just watching videos that I like than from tutorials. But you really learn the most just from doing it and trying different things. Casey Neistat has one the most copied editing styles out there (I'm guilty of that as well), and he learned to edit on his own through trial and error, and never took a class or watched a tutorial.

    But here's the best tips I can give you:

    1. When shooting a video, be sure to get lots of different types of shots: Front, back, side, locked-down wide shots, etc., and any B-Roll you can think of (non-action shots that show the surrounding area where the video was shot: sky, landscape, objects, animals, onlookers, buildings, etc.). It really helps if you have a lot of resources to pull from when editing.
    2. Pick the music first. Music sets the pace and feel for the entire piece, so you don't want to just throw it in as an afterthought or that's how it'll feel. I recently started using SoundCloud for my music. When there's a download button on a song, that means it's Creative Commons and you can use it without getting a bunch of annoying popup ads on your channel (just be sure to credit it in the video or the description).
    3. This one is huge: Before you start editing, put all of your footage onto a new timeline in your editor and go through ALL of it. Delete everything that's boring or repetitive, leaving just the best and most interesting shots. It makes it so much easier to edit if you can just grab from a batch of shots that you already know are good without having to search through hours of footage every time you make a cut. Delete them as you go so you know you've already used it.

    Good luck!

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