Any issues or problems on your OneWheel yet ?

  • Yep... Mine has been at FM for 2 weeks now...I know there's several others on this forum too..

  • approaching 2k miles between my two boards. Other than a worn out tire simply due to so much usage, no issues at all.

  • just shipped mine back today... :-(
    I had the 16 blinks error - the board still worked fine but the battery wouldn't charge anymore... so that is about 4 weeks after I first received the board... should be back at FM by Friday, hopefully I'll have it back in Europe by end of next week!

  • Over 2 months problems to report, although i had a minor issue when the new firmware rolled out, but it was nothing I couldn't fix myself in a few minutes.

  • I had some air pressure problems with the Onewheel tire but slime fixed that great! I have just been experiencing battery charging issues with my Onewheel taking longer periods to charge with it being almost double the time it should charge. So when it should take around 20 minutes to charge mine has been taking 35-50 minutes.

  • @lynnpreston 2,000 miles?! EPIC

  • Yes, mine arrived inoperable. It was sent back within days of receipt.

  • Slight motor grinding/growling noise, but I assume that's just the works. Otherwise I've been charmed. Thing's a tank. Considering a 2nd just in case.

  • While the boards are built for abuse there definitely has been issues for some and it is the risk of being an early adopter.

    I'm going on three months and average at least one full ride a day for 5-7 miles on and off road, have banged the board around trying various things, have ridden in a downpour twice. Thankfully I have not had any issues and my tire is in great shape. It remains to be seen how well the board will age but FMs pricing on upkeep service is reasonable.

  • Same with Franky as no issues yet. So far 9 months of daily riding and not so much as a hiccup. Issues with the boards seem random at this point as nobody seems to be saying that it stopped working after pushing it extra hard or abusing it...which is great.

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