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  • I have videos... I'll share 'em once I'm off deadline at work... there's a great one where I slowly just veer into a post...

  • Ta da! Best supporting role goes to that post... Lol

    My first ride

  • @1woman1wheel See we all told you, you would love it..... You Loved it. Now soon you will have one of your own.

  • @1woman1wheel Looks great! You'll love riding it, and I'm pretty sure you won't bump into any more poles!

  • @1woman1wheel nice edit! Good to see your first ride! I'll bring you some tips by PM asap! ;)

  • I honestly think the best place to learn is on pavement. I know it is less forgiving than gravel or grass but you have so much more control. On grass or gravel you have the tire slip that makes it harder.

  • Thanks everyone! Can I just say I love the support and positive community going on in these forums? <3

  • @Aswellie

    Agreed. Gravel and grass is a next level.

    Pavement is the way to go for a newbie.

    Take your time with the learning curve and go slow. It comes gradually.

    Practice by a railing for mount and dismount, then do a circle and dismount. A parking lot is a good place to practice.

    No one says you have to do tricks, run on all kind of terrain and speed if you have OW.

    This thing can be enjoyed just going slow and easy..

  • @Aswellie said in Compare and contrast with other boards:

    I honestly think the best place to learn is on pavement. I know it is less forgiving than gravel or grass but you have so much more control. On grass or gravel you have the tire slip that makes it harder.

    I feel the same way. Everyone always says people should learn on grass, but I found it really difficult to ride on when I first started, and headed straight for the pavement. Grass always looks really flat, but then you hit all these unseen bumps and holes, which can really trip up new riders.

    DG (decomposed granite) trails are also great to learn on, and I still love riding on the stuff. It's softer than pavement, but a usually a lot less bumpy than grass... and even if it's bumpy, at least you can SEE the bumps and avoid them.

  • Carpet around the house is best, regular people are generally too scared to start out on pavement, and yes obviously grass and gravel are no go's for a beginner...

  • Bummer. I was thinking the nice flat fields by my boyfriend's house would be a great place to practice because the grass would break my fall.

  • @1woman1wheel , smooth ground under short grass should be just great to learn on. I suggest starting in Extreme and watch your top speed. Clasic seemed way to slow and less responsive, basically harder to start rolling. I have traveled on rough ground and gravel along with dirt, concrete and artificial turf, each is unique just try to ride relaxed. Have fun!

  • @1woman1wheel Not all lawn surfaces are created equal. If you can find some grass that has been rolled, like a soccer field or a park that they flood in the winter as an ice rink, that might work pretty well for you. I met some rando at my towns newish soccer fields to let him try out my OW and he did fine. Golf courses are also wonderful if you can manage to find a spot on one where you won't get chased off right away.

    Good luck!

  • @sonny123

    I am at the point where pavement is too boring, I need to bounce. Grass is where carving gets fun and exciting. Grass feels the most wave / pow pow experience thus far for me. I like grassy hills and dirt bike trails.

  • @Seekwence

    Yep, that's the beauty about OW. It's so versatile.

    From smooth cruising, to all terrain to beach riding and more. :)

  • @Seekwence A town near me prides itself on its miles and miles of bike and running trails that I drive over just to ride on. Most of them are covered in a really fine, almost sandy gravel that has just enough give to make for the best surface I've found so far to get that carvey feeling. Slightly wet grass is also good. I also like double-track or gravel roads that aren't well maintained enough to get that slight crown in the center between wheel ruts; doing S-turns over and across that is pretty satisfying, sort of like "crossing the wake" if you've ever wakeboarded.

  • @1woman1wheel sweet! Don't be afraid to stand tall a little.

    I liked grass for the first couple days just to feel out the motor and push it more than I was capable. But my spot was pretty choice, with grass(nice and smooth and shirt) to pavement transition with ease.

    Have fun!

  • @1woman1wheel See if you can find a soccer field to practice on. They are usually very flat and easier than most grass fields. Agree with others though, pavement is the easiest overall.

  • GUYYYYYYSSSSSSSSSSSS @Code-ster is shipping my OneWheel TODAY!!! I can't wait to play with it. I was so excited I couldn't even sleep last night lol

  • @1woman1wheel Yes as difficult as it is to part with the Onewheel, it won't be my last Onewheel. It's most definitely a temporary thing lol. When I saw the video of your first ride and how much fun you were having it sealed it for me. You're going to love this thing!

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