• I see no obstacle preventing larger sensor pads. it seems most of the time my board cuts off it's simply because my foot found its way completely off both sensor pads while i'm still riding.
    They shall be compatible with the boards as is. Easy peasy. I'd buy a deck w larger sensors today. And don't go raising the price either, this is only an improvement. Scrap the old ones. Just make them bigger now. Thanks

  • It's also easy peasy to just ride the board how it is now.

  • I agree 100% on the larger foot sensors. I believe the foot coming off causes the majority of the nosedives.

  • They work just fine for me...but I wouldn't mind larger ones..

  • @njcustom same for me...but i'm 46 (12US), so there is no way I can get my foot oustide the sensor area

  • As I've requested this as well, I can only agree.
    I've ridden without a sensor fail for several months, so it really isn't a problem. However, it would be nice to be able to have the sensor foot a little more diagonally without having to worry about the sensor. As long as it doesn't have any downsides, I don't see why not.

  • I wonder if 2 sensor pads can be installed.. one In front and one in back. Maybe they can be spliced in? I may just try it..

  • Larger sensors would make it a lot harder to dismount, and putting a sensor on the back foot would make dismounting nearly impossible without jumping off the board.

  • @thegreck Was thinking the same thing.

    I ride with my front foot at almost 45 degree angle and never had an issue.
    Dismounting works fine.

    I think the only other option would be a hand switch where you know OW is engaged until you turn switch off at dismounting. But that'll involve cabled connection. I would trust wireless.

  • @thegreck Completely agree about the back foot sensors. They would complicate more than they would help. the issue with the front foot sensor is sometimes if you hit a bump, or roll the weight to the outside edge of your foot, the sensor can disengage and cause a nosedive. Only happened to me once or twice, but I see it happen all the time to new people trying my board. Disengaging at a stand still would still be simple with a larger sensor as you only have to lift your foot off of one of the two sensors when going less than .5 basically just lift your heel and it's as simple as that. A larger front foot sensor would give me way more confidence when rolling high speed over tough terrain.

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