Christmas or March BDay

  • I told My 13 year old cousin about OW and of course he loves it.

    His parents are thinking of getting it for him but weren't sure whether to get it for Christmas or waiting for his BDay in March.

    Their concern is getting "Appled." Meaning they don't want to drop $1550 only for the newer model to come out a month later.

    Can FM/anyone knowledgable comment on this? Is a newer model imminent in the next 6 or so months?

  • I would not count on seeing anything new any time soon. Definitely not this year. This will be the best gift he has ever gotten.

  • Yeah what Doc said. Not likely to be gen 2 for at least 2 years is my guess...

  • Good question but I would say there is little chance of any upgrade anytime this year and possibly much longer. When you have a product that they cannot produce as fast as orders are coming in, they don't really have much reason to release an upgrade especially since they have no competition. On the other hand upgrading at this point would be a very easy thing for them since they have no inventory. Either way there is no reason to wait. This version is awesome!

  • Oh man if I had a OW at 13....:heart_eyes:

  • Just to echo the other comments here; there's so little competition and the user base is still growing enthusiastically around GEN01 onewheel. There would be almost no business-sense afaik in pulling an apple or gopro and iterating on a new model every year. The downside of an V2 update on a product this expensive and so soon would be:

    -not enough "banner features" to justify and incentivize upgrades from current users
    -fallout/disappointing their current audience
    -discouraging new buyers, who see a release trend of a new model coming every 12-18 months
    -potentially damaging their reputation as the supply chain/manufacturing hiccups and delays are magnified due to new user influx

    Right now FM has just enough on their plate to quietly develop a gen2 which will blow everyone out of the water and have that "got to have it" appeal.. they will hit the sweet spot I'm certain, and they've done great listening to their audience and proving nearly every stereotype about strong american startups. Good customer support, reliable quality manufacturing, great QC and smart and classy social media presence.

    At 1500 USD price point, this product could live in a market more like the prosumer SLR camera or laptop industry, which are typically on a 3-5 years refresh cycle. I say you're safe to buy without an upgrade coming anytime soon. Unless OneWheel GEN2 can fly or roll on water, I predict it will retain at least 60% of it's value used in the event his parents choose to resell.

    The dream of course is that FM will offer an upgrade path for older users to still get access to new battery technology and add-ons such as the fender.. But it would be more of a courtesy than a smart business move, obviously selling the core fanbase a brand new board every 2-3 years is the best move for them.

    By the time the competitors get off the ground in the next 24 months I would expect to hear rumblings about something new cooking at FM, either another onewheel or another product entirely. Let's just hope they never go public, and never sell the company to tesla or redbull or whomever!

  • @utsu Business major much? Nailed it bro! Very informative!!

  • @utsu thank you for your response!

    Tho. If they were to come out with a OW that can fly, I would sell my car to get it haha. Would be the Best. Product. Ever.

  • Just a matter of time......

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