Back to long distance driving.

  • I used to drive long distance in my 20's.
    I'm talking Florida-New York trips.

    Slowed down over the years but now it looks like I'll be doing it again with those stupid rules that we can't travel with OW.

    Got a trip to Virginia coming up and I'll be hitting the HW.
    heck, I might do some Onewheeling at those rest areas.

    Just don't know what to do with international travel.
    It's so damn easy for them to set up these rules.
    What's the big deal with checking in a OW? Sucks...

  • @sonny123 It fucking drives me nuts!! When are they going to change this stupid rule, and I wonder if FMs lawyers are doing anything about educating the airlines??

  • @thegreck I hear you.

    You know something?

    I started dreading flying for all kind of different reasons anyway.
    heck, driving is just better..

    That said, would be great idea to have removable battery.
    Until they figure out their rules, we can always check in the OW and ship the battery separately.

    Not to mention the advantage of having a spare pack on hand for longer range.

  • Yeah.. really a bummer. I doubt it will ease up too, it seems like every policy change after 911 is irreversible. Real shame to have to ship a onewheel across country for the holidays or trips.

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