2021 Update: Better Board Shoes Make for Better Riding!

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL
    Definately a big difference! I wish I would have got the springblades before I bought my crappy Lakai sneakers. Your foot stays connected. The skate sneakers dont have any flex to stay on the board at all times. Out of the box the springs just work. Any other shoe you have to have broken in to stay connected. I got the Razors at a good price. It feels like you have more control leaning because youre not worried about disconnecting. Thanks for the info on these sneakers. They work awesome for me!!0_1466872734321_image.jpeg ![0_1466872671119_image.jpeg](Uploading 100%)

  • @wheeler I also put the dr sholes gels inserts so I could be gelling like Magellan :) makes em super comfy for riding :)

  • I just bought a pair of these snow shoes, and they work great!


  • That's different

  • @thegreck I'm not sure if you think our shoe choice is ridiculous... But, let them do this to your back, and I promise you will want every advantage

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL I wouldn't say ridiculous, just not really necessary (and I honestly thought you were kidding when you posted the photo... those shoes look like something from Back to the Future!). I don't want newcomers or people who are considering buying a Onewheel looking at this thread and thinking they need some kind of extravagant or overly expensive shoes to be able to ride one without breaking their back.

    All you need is flat-soled shoes and to make sure to keep your front foot on at least one sensor while riding, and to be careful about weight distribution across both footpads.

    I've been riding several miles a day every day for the past 6 months and haven't had any sensor issues or unexpected crashes, and I just wear basic Chucks. And my rides feel very smooth and comfortable to me.

    I'm not saying crashing isn't a possibility, but I think at this point, with all the successful miles I've put on my board, there's no way I could blame my shoes if it were to happen.

  • i have posted several times about the cut off issue and it's not me that's the problem... Maybe you should talk to the people who have an ongoing software conversation in the crashing thread... I will delete the photo. But no I wasn't kidding... And I posted that it may not be worth it for most people to go out and buy springblades. But, it does make the ride a lot better. You want an honest conversation about better board shoes for better riding? Because these make for better riding....

  • I think we can all agree, regardless of any shoe you wear after a mile or so your feet start to ache. Especially the front foot. The Gel inserts are a great idea too. The other reason I like the springs is they don't shift when your riding for awhile. Riding the other day with my skate shoes I noticed my foot was shifting forward slightly as I neared the 3rd mile. Great shoes and well suited for other electric vehicles. Like those orange wheel electric skateboards.

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL @wheeler Sorry guys, you're totally right. We're talking about a more comfortable ride, so whatever works for each person to get that, I'm all for it. I know the feet burning sensation very well, as we usually ride for several hours at our weekly LA meetups, so I might actually try the gel inserts thing myself.

  • @thegreck I was really hoping that the aching feet were just part of the learning process and would go away as I get more experience... crap.

  • @westcoastr The aching will go away for the most part, but that burning numbness from having your feet vibrating for several miles doesn't seem to go away.

  • @thegreck I guess that's partly good news... Thanks!

  • @westcoastr & @thegreck I really feel the foot tingle after the 3-4 mile range in my current cheap shoes... I look forward to the Nike SBs arriving this week. My goal is to stay connected but with a bit more cushion. Updates to follow.

  • @LidPhones Keep us posted!

  • The burning thing in the feet is muscle spams... I suffer from that because of a medical condition all over my body, there are some things you can do to help.

    1. It will get better with time as you will build those muscles.
    2. Try to relax your feet as you ride as opposed to keeping them tense.
    3. Use the gel insets, that actually helped me a lot.
    4. Eat a banana before riding.
    5. Magnesium citrate supplements are also very effective and have good half life just prior to ride.

    You can also stretch those muscles prior to riding and stop and stretch your muscles when they start to burn... ;)

  • honestly i ride in this


    Side note I didnt buy them with the intent of riding in them it just worked out that and life has been

  • I found that it was easier especially on ruff terrain to have more flexibility. I tried my lebron Hightops. My ankles were not strong when I first started.... But, I now prefer the freedom....

  • @Dark_Knight my position is one of finding what works best for your personal riding style. Those are some tough boots and look like they should stick nicely to the board. Also I bet small rocks have a hard time getting in. ;-)

  • @LidPhones Yea i havent had any problems with rocks and or water however as a person who tends to adjust their feet alot these boots can be kinda hard in that aspect.

  • @westcoastr NIKE SB's should arrive today. I hope to have a video review posted once I get a 4 mile ride in to see how they feel.

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