My Second Onewheel purchase for 20% off!

  • I just purchased my second OneWheel last night. As you know, I have been working on my first one, developing a system which will allow the use of a second back-up battery. My original OneWheel is currently in pieces, and I am tired of putting it back together just to go ride, then taking it apart again (about an hour each way). I have been missing some riding time while it is apart, and decided to bite the bullet, and get another for riding while I work on the other. As I have indicated in the past, I have a rare 20% off card (not a one time use, but a forever card) for Ron Jon Surf Shop, and actually was successful in purchasing for $1199!! That is $300 off. That takes a large part of the sting out of the purchase. I intend to sell it once I get my other board up and going, and may break even or even make a bit of pocket change in doing this! I'm On the road (actually beach) again......

  • @Count Is it difficult to take the battery out? I was wondering if maybe that would be an option if you're going on a flight, is to ship the battery ahead of time, and carry on the Onewheel.

    I'm sure if you showed them there's no battery in it, they'd let you on with it. And shipping the battery by itself would be a lot cheaper.

  • It is a fairly complex job, but nothing too much if you have some basic mechanical skills. It takes about 30 minutes. There is a "module" the battery is in, with several circuit boards and such. For your purposes it would not be necessary to remove the battery, just the module. I poster a youtube video here somewhere on here showing the process.

  • @Count said in My Second Onewheel purchase for 20% off!:

    [...] I poster a youtube video here somewhere on here showing the process.

    I would highly appreciate that!

    I had to send my onewheel in, because the (sensor side) lights had a "loose contact". I would have loved to fix that myself, but I did not know how it looks inside and I just wanted to stay on the safe side and not lose warranty. Allthough FuterMotion handled that complaint exeptionally well, it would have been great to avoid that effort and the loss of riding time by fixing that myself.

    A video showing how to disassemble everything would really help a lot, because one would then know what to expect when doing a self repair or modification.

  • @cr4p same issue on mine but only red lights, not the white ones

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