Onewheel needs brushes

  • Onewheel needs brushes to stop rocks from wedging in between wheel and pressure plates.

  • @maximus Does that happen?

  • Or a fender 😉

  • Pressure plates? What are you referring to? I had a pebble lodge between my fender and the tire, and it actually scored a little indentation into my tire. Nothing serious. Once I realized it was there, I just went backwards and it extracted itself...

  • Interesting idea. Put some small brushes on the bottom of the OW(or even in the frame) in front and behind the wheel. I had a rock get stuck between the tire and the frame within the first 5 minutes of getting my OW and I still have the score in the tire after 200 miles. Not a huge deal but it has happened a few times since(not as bad though) and my initial thought when I hear the sound is that the tire is leaking air. Only issue I see is that the you don't really want the brushes making too much contact with the tire. With the tire being so soft the rocks might stick to the wheel so well the brush won't knock the rocks off.

  • I just ignore big rocks. Havent had a rock get stuck yet.

  • I've twice been going fast and the onewheel stopped like I hit a tree. You can imagine where I ended up. The brushes wouldn't have to rub the tire. Just a scosh away from it. I think small rocks wedged between tire and frame. Possibly. Any other idea what happened would be greatly appreciated.

  • I have that often. Small debris catching or even building up in the rear crack (!!) And sticking until you roll back once. Definitely have multiple minor circumferencial gouges in my tire. Prolly wouldn't be hard to adhere a strip of something right under there

  • @maximus Wow i ride on rock paths / mud / granite ect ect and that has never happened yet. Thanks for the heads up

  • I love my fender. No more dirt and crap all over my legs and the board.

  • what about a small strip of velcro between the wheel and the board?

  • I think someone tried brushes when the board first came out but to be effective it rubbed the tire and was annoying, then fenders came out which are obviously better for handling a variety of situations.

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