Onewheel towing a trailer!

  • I have gotten bored of my battery replacement project (which is going well), and am working on a new idea. I ride almost exclusively on the beach. It can get very hot, and if I am in an area with no beach front watering holes (bars), I find myself getting a bit parched. So I have decided to build a "trailer" to hook up to my OneWheel. I have ordered a smaller Coleman plastic cooler, 2 ea. 10" wide skateboard trucks, and 4 @ 4.5" off-road skateboard tires. I think you can get the idea of my plan. I have been toying with different ideas for a hitch and trailer connection, and have a few potential possibilities in mind.

    This is either going to be pretty cool or pretty "geeky", but at my age (58), I'm not too worried about looking geeky! The important thing is that I will have plenty of COLD Bud Light at my disposal!!! Should be completed by weekend if all parts arrive, and I will take some videos so you can be the judge! The cooler should make a fine place to store my backup battery (once I get that all finalized), or a charger, as well as some sunscreen, and other small items I may need. I have a custom blue carbon fender on order, being made by the gentleman here on the forum, , and will be mounting a waterproof bluetooth speaker onto it, so I can crank some Tom Petty from my iPhone (or SD card) as I am cruising the beaches!

  • I want videos once this is done...

  • Dude!!!!! You gotta post a picture of your design sketch!!! I gotta see this thing!

  • Haha love it! I thought about making a trailer for my Boosted a while back. Your idea sounds awesome though.

  • Cool idea..i would like to see it

  • I just got a shipping update, and everything but wheels will be here by tomorrow. I will do all of the assembly this weekend (the wheels installation will be cake when they do come next week), and devise a towing bar of some type. A simple rope will not work well, esp. on turns or quick stops. I might steal the wheels off of my sons skateboard for a preliminary testing vehicle! Thanks for your support! I will provide video when I'm there!

  • I had and idea similar to this, except maybe maybe more simple. What about just some extendable alluminum tubing, with a handle on one end, and on the other end, a clamp that would attach to the board somehow. I think it would be easy to wheel around with the power off, similar to a hand truck. .???

  • Got the popcorn ready

  • I recently went to a festival and used my board to haul my collapsible wagon and all my camping gear from my car down to my site which would have otherwise been a good 15 minute walk one way. Made two trips and blew so many minds. Cruised pass dozens of bipedal suckers lusting after my fifth wheel. Beautiful

  • I built this custom collapsible hand cart to bring my kitesurf gear, and whatever else I want down to the beach easily. Now that I have the one onewheel, it would been an even quicker trip :-)

    0_1465835616384_IMG_20130513_190722 (Large).jpg

    0_1465835633998_IMG_20130513_191026 (Large).jpg

    0_1465835670326_IMG_20130513_191539 (Large).jpg

  • Well done sir!

  • Nice! Next step is to hook it up to the OneWheel! Mine is finished except for the wheels, which have not arrived yet. I realized today that my cooler-trailer will make an excellent location for my second backup battery as well! I just need to extend the cables to the trailer! I can't wait to get some time to develop further!

  • Trailer looks very nice!
    Once one the spot and kitesurfing, how do you secure the onewheel?

  • This is a fun tread. Looking forward to some pimp'n trailers! Post away!!

  • Very cool stuff right here. Great job! Looking forward to seeing others ideas as well.

  • @stems said in Onewheel towing a trailer!:

    Trailer looks very nice!
    Once one the spot and kitesurfing, how do you secure the onewheel?

    I made the trailer several years ago, but recently picked up the Onewheel so I have yet to try it on the trail. I designed it for walking easily on a sometimes bumpy trail, but realized I need to try to OneWheel tow it. The spot is a bit remote, so not a lot of opportunists walking around to take advantage, but I would likely hide the Onewheel or lock it to something.

  • @lieutenantglorp I love the trailer! Looking forward to hearing how it works. I have been using my onewheel to get from my far-away parking spot to work and towing my tools in a pelican 1510. It works well enough, but I have to be careful on the bumps so the pelican doesn't flip and try to take me with it. I imagine your big wheels and wider base will make it much more stable. How heavy would you say your setup is, all loaded for a surf trip?

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