Onewheel towing a trailer!

  • Got the popcorn ready

  • I recently went to a festival and used my board to haul my collapsible wagon and all my camping gear from my car down to my site which would have otherwise been a good 15 minute walk one way. Made two trips and blew so many minds. Cruised pass dozens of bipedal suckers lusting after my fifth wheel. Beautiful

  • I built this custom collapsible hand cart to bring my kitesurf gear, and whatever else I want down to the beach easily. Now that I have the one onewheel, it would been an even quicker trip :-)

    0_1465835616384_IMG_20130513_190722 (Large).jpg

    0_1465835633998_IMG_20130513_191026 (Large).jpg

    0_1465835670326_IMG_20130513_191539 (Large).jpg

  • Well done sir!

  • Nice! Next step is to hook it up to the OneWheel! Mine is finished except for the wheels, which have not arrived yet. I realized today that my cooler-trailer will make an excellent location for my second backup battery as well! I just need to extend the cables to the trailer! I can't wait to get some time to develop further!

  • Trailer looks very nice!
    Once one the spot and kitesurfing, how do you secure the onewheel?

  • This is a fun tread. Looking forward to some pimp'n trailers! Post away!!

  • Very cool stuff right here. Great job! Looking forward to seeing others ideas as well.

  • @stems said in Onewheel towing a trailer!:

    Trailer looks very nice!
    Once one the spot and kitesurfing, how do you secure the onewheel?

    I made the trailer several years ago, but recently picked up the Onewheel so I have yet to try it on the trail. I designed it for walking easily on a sometimes bumpy trail, but realized I need to try to OneWheel tow it. The spot is a bit remote, so not a lot of opportunists walking around to take advantage, but I would likely hide the Onewheel or lock it to something.

  • @lieutenantglorp I love the trailer! Looking forward to hearing how it works. I have been using my onewheel to get from my far-away parking spot to work and towing my tools in a pelican 1510. It works well enough, but I have to be careful on the bumps so the pelican doesn't flip and try to take me with it. I imagine your big wheels and wider base will make it much more stable. How heavy would you say your setup is, all loaded for a surf trip?

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