Onewheel Burners

  • Hey Onewheelers/Burners!

    My name is Blake and I am a full time Onewheeler (haha) and do some Prototyping here at Future Motion in my free time.

    I know of a few Onewheels that are going to be at the burn, and I'm sure there will be a bunch more. I am also heading to the burn and am so excited to get to ride with all of you! As a small thank you I am going to be bringing out our generator, a couple boards, and a couple chargers. We want to keep you guys moving out there and I will be around to help with some questions if you can track me down!

    I apologize for posting this so late but I just confirmed my camp site and didn't want to send anyone to the wrong spot! Look for me at 4:15 and G, I will be there on and off from Monday on, and can get your boards charged, answer any questions you might have as well as just talk Onewheel and drink a beer/water.

    As I have internet access I will check this thread (might be spotty out there) and hopefully we can plan a small meet up.

    spread the stoke,


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