Why does the board have to lock up @ max speed?

  • @bmtka Agree 1,000%.

  • @bmtka I completely agree as well.

  • @bmtka Well, it might help, and certainly wouldn't hurt.

    I had my nose dive a week into it. It seemed like OW locked on me and I kissed the ground.
    After all, I had gone up that hill several times, why now?
    Until I analyzed things.

    It was the only time I wore high Timberland boots. (dumb move)
    I had experienced pushback earlier and remembered what I read here about launches after pushbacks.
    So I played it safe and slowed down. Come that hill, out of no where, I find myself diving into pavement in split second. It's like you never know what hit you.
    Luckily I was going slow, but still no fun dive.

    Pushback doesn't only happen at high speed.
    It can happen at mid speed and slow speed.
    It's OW's way of telling you you're doing something wrong.
    When you don't fix it, it launches you.

    It's all about maintaining that center of gravity and that takes time to learn.

    That's why it's best for newbs to really take their time with the learning curve.

  • Thank you all for your thoughts, experiences and advise... sorry it took so long for me to reply in the thread I created. Work has been hectic.

    @Seekwence I'm sure you're probably right. It certainly felt like a hard stop but it all happened so fast that I can't say for sure it wasn't the nose digging and based on your similar experience and a sort of logical deconstruction of the crash... it makes perfect sense.

    I haven't gone for a long ride since... my wrist/thumb are still pretty sore and I don't want to push it. My wrist guards did arrive though so when I am feeling good, I'll hop back on and make sure I have those equipped.

    Again, thanks everyone for taking the time to reply. The discussion has been pretty enlightening. Have an awesome say all!

  • I wasn't going to say anything, but I can't hold my tongue any longer. So here it is.... My brother, father, and girlfriend all have newer boards than the two I own, and theirs have firmware 3056 and my boards have 3034. There is a HUGE difference in the amount of push back, and top speed between the two different types of firmware. 3056 starts pushing back at 12.5mph, and allows you to push past it. Once you've gone past the push back it rides level and lets you achieve a speed a little more than 15mph before it suddenly dumps you on your face. All three of their boards do this, but the 3034 firmware lets me ride all the way to 15mph and gives solid pushback and doesn't let me push past it. This is on extreme mode by the way. My brother hates riding with me cause I'm all casual and loving it around 14mph, and he's on the edge of eating shit and stressed out. I feel like FM needs to look more into this problem, and if nothing else revert back to the 3034 firmware.

  • @J-Glide Yeah, I thought I noticed a change in when pushback happens after the update. I'd like it to be closer to max speed, but I feel it pretty much as soon as I start riding now. Like you, I prefer riding at around that 14mph zone, so I feel like I'm always fighting it.

  • @J-Glide Interesting. I have only been on 3056 (got mine in February) and now that you mention it, it does seem like a bit of a struggle to maintain consistent speed on the upper end. I can definitely go above 15mph, though, without eating it. I'm going to have to do some experiments today. Really wish @Future-Motion would allow for data logging in the app, or at least release an API so that people smarter than me could build something to leverage all this lost data into something useful.

    EDIT: And it turns out there that a third-party app with logging capabilities already exists, for Android users, at least. @kwatts made pOWtools and it's basically everything I ever wanted out of the official app, including battery notifications! Wow!

  • @bmtka Thanks for the info on the app!

  • @J-Glide I had literally just learned about it from a post in another thread by @Tartopom. I'm having a hard time getting the .csv files to open correctly, there might be a formatting issue, not sure. I'm just glad to have access to all this information now. The disco lights feature is neat, too.

  • Hmm... Maybe @kwatts could add firmware transfer (upload AND download) into his app. That way we could back up our current firmware to a file, and if we don't like FM's new firmware, we could revert back to a previous version. If someone gets a new board with new firmware and they don't like it, they could grab an older version from someone else. We could keep an archive of each version, and decide for ourselves which we prefer.

  • @bmtka Battery notification with vibrations was my idea lol ;) It was really something that I missed on the official app, so I kindly asked @kwatts to implement it :)

  • @Tartopom Nice! I shot him an email about some UI text sizing issues on my phone and issues with opening the log files,and suggested Android Wear support if it's not overly difficult. It wasn't super clear from his reply but it sounds like that might be in the works?

  • @bmtka Hiya -- yep just fixed those issues you mentioned, well, except the android watch support, still waiting to get one that I think is good enough :). I'll release it after testing this weekend.

    @Tartopom if I didn't think you before thanks again for your recommends, hopefully you like the new UI...

    @badcheese and @J-Glide interesting around the firmware changes, and the pushback behavior. I've found some interfaces to the OW (it uses BLE, bluetooth low energy) that I suspect are used for firmware upgrades. I just don't know the commands, or how it works, well enough to start messing with it. And this is lessons learned, I've bricked quite a few devices throughout my reverse engineering years ;)

    If I had an app that actually contained the firmware and used BLE to do it, or documentation on how to do it from OW (Ideal!) then I'd give it a shot.

  • @kwatts You ever bricked a device as expensive as a Onewheel?

  • @J-Glide I'm on firmware v.3056, but my experience seems totally different! I just watched my speed in @kwatts app during my daily commute, and I was able to sustain just over 19 mph for a couple minutes without eating pavement. I didn't dare to push it any higher. Call me a coward, but riding close to 20 mph on concrete without pads or helmet makes me nervous. I usually keep my speed around 15-16 mph. I've had a couple low-speed crashes due to uneven ground, but never a high-speed nosedive. It's probably just a matter of time!

    I'm also not aware of any pushback around 12.5 mph.

  • FFS, @badcheese, would you please at least wear a helmet while intentionally pushing the limit, or better yet, even when you're not ballin' at breakneck/skullcrush speeds? You have no idea what I see at work. There is a very fragile eggshell protecting your brain, and if you don't take the always unexpected and unforseen impact to the face (I.e. "your crumple zone" you are fucked on so many levels. If you have parents, siblings, SOs, or most importantly, children who love you, find yourself a helmet you don't hate and just fucking wear it. Spend $150 if you have to.

  • @badcheese strange!

  • This post is deleted!

  • @bmtka what do you think of the crash3 helmet - crashe.com ? I just got one of those. I was one of those not going out with a helmet fool's - and I have helmets, just it's a bit of a bother. I got one of the chrash3's and been wearing that consistently.

  • I also roll sans helmet. Is the crash3 hat hot on hot days?

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