Shocked nobody is selling precut wraps yet???

  • After numerous attempts with the popular 3M matte black wrap and appropriate tools, I simply gave up trying to wrap my board. Of course I could have done it with plenty of imperfections but I just don't roll like that (no pun intended). So my board isn't getting wrapped.

    I'm just dumbfounded that with all the interest, the seemingly lucrative opportunity to cash in on a simple precut wrap has gone untapped. Similar to a cell phone, I can't imagine more than a handful of people attempting to cut their own wraps out; Meanwhile I can't imagine an owner not dropping $20 on a precut wrap, if for no other reason than just for kicks and the fact that one is available.

    BTW if someone is selling these and I'm just unaware please let me know!

  • @sniff Not sure if you watched @J-Glide's video tutorial already (, but you get the best results by putting the wrap on bigger than you need it and trimming it to size. It would be nearly impossible to wrap it with pieces that were already pre-cut to the exact right size.

  • Listen to @thegreck, he speaks the truth. Follow that video and it's pretty easy to get a good result. Precut would be tough.

  • If you're local in SoCal and still have enough vinyl wrap, let me know and I'll wrap the board for free. This OneWheel community has been great, so that's just a bit to give back.

  • There's not a market for it because it is ridiculously easy.

  • Yes it is....and I'm drilling all the screw holes and so get a great result it takes me 1h but then it's almost impossible to see it has been wrapped except bu the blue anodized colour around the power switch.

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