Thrown off after nosedive with no pushback warning (nose dive, nose-dive)

  • so maybe something alerting you at each vibraiton at 75% battery left. 2 vibrations at 50%, 3 at 25% and 4 at 5%

  • @kwatts is the Note 4 not compatible with this app? I notice in the app store it says not compatible.

  • @Tartopom I like that idea (vibe counts based off %). I'll plan to do that + also see what it takes to work with tasker so that can be used to trigger actions etc based off the stats.
    @tony420121 I set the SDK minimum level to Android 5.1 or higher - next release I'll tick that down and allow more versions of Android (4.4 or 5.0). I think 4.4 is flaky with Bluetooth so need to test it.

    Hoping to get a release with these features out in the next couple of days.

  • Could have been useful last night, I ran out of juice just 100m from home :-P

  • I'm curious if anybody has filed a lawsuit vs. these guys yet?

  • @Tartopom posted an update with battery alerts, it should be posted by now on google play. You have to enable it through settings in the app. Let me know how it works for ya.

    I took an OW fall today, a taildive so it was ass meets asphalt. It was so painful I almost puked. I got logs and will see what happened later, still miffed at the wheel.

  • @tony420121 try now, I set the min SDK version to Android 5.0

  • @powder Who are "these guys"? If you're referring to Future Motion, why are you asking, and why would they?

  • @kwatts dude, what are you doing with all these falls, really it shouldn't be happening that often. What kind of shoes are you wearing?

    Have you tried sending it in to be checked out, mine started acting weird at low speeds, growling and chattering and kicked me off a few times. My OW had a loose something which was repaired..

  • Thanks for the alerts, is there a away to keep the app running in the background? Mine seems to close and disconnect when switching up something else, or is that where tasker comes into play?

  • @kwatts Thanks man! I installed it already and activated the vibration feature, I wil give it a try tonight :)
    I know what you mean with falling on your coccyx, I had the same experience several times since I learned snowboarding few years ago :P so now I'm always wearing an AZZPADZ for snowboarding in icy condition. worst injuries are always at low speed on had snow...for the ow, I did taildive 2 times yesterday but was able to control it, so it's ok :)

  • @kwatts thank you!

  • @kwatts I rided the ow this afternoon from 100% down to 7% and I didn't felt any vibration, never... the phone is in my chest pocket in my jacket so I should feel it.
    I can't explain if it didn't worked or if I didn't feel.
    What I can say is that the phone vibrate when I start the app. Nothing more.
    I have 3 others suggestions...

    1. Can you rename the mode number with their real name? Extreme would be better than mode 2.

    2. Maybe add the possibility to associate a sound alert for battery threshold?

    3. Miles means nothing to us poor European people...

    4. Maybe add timestamp with the log file?
      Thank you and keep up the good work!

  • You probably need to keep the app open and running, if you lock the phone or change apps it'll close...

  • I let it ran open but my phone lock when I close the cover. Nevertheless I don't have this issue with other GPS tracker for example. If other people can try, it could be great :-)

  • I had an accident Sunday and finished in an ambulance to the hospital suddenly the system of the ow collapsed don't remember the speed but was riding fast nose pointed down and crashed on the Tarmac as a result I have acromioclavicular luxation grade 2 today was the first day I could left from home for a few minutes walk, recovery is slow and painful and will last some weeks apart a bulge formed by the pressure of a bon that will remember me the blow forever. I don't think I moved the foot from the pressure foot pad as I never do it and one thing is sure, no push back happened at all (ridding Extrem mode). I said FM they should revise the software or hardware of the ow, they say I must be careful with the shoes I use and how I distribute the weight on the ow. They will check my ow for free they pay all if they find something I pay the transport if they find nothing. Expenses are secondary here what I want is to ride safe and enjoy it otherwise it is better to park the ow forever. I love ow but looks like the product is incomplete yet. Everything happened so fast and blow was so hard that to remember little details is not easy but since I read the messages above I haven't any doubt FM have to make a deep revision of the system and when they have found the solution update our machines as well. Safe ride!

  • @to-moto Sorry to hear of your accident. Unfortunately, I think the only revision they could make that would prevent this type of thing happening is to add a few more wheels, and then it would just be a skateboard.

    Nosedives can occur when you put too much weight on the front, which makes it impossible for the motor to compensate, which it attempts to do by speeding up. But if your weight isn't equally distributed on both sides of the wheel, instead of leveling the board, you are instead thrust onto the pavement.

    I hope you come out of your injuries okay and are able to ride again. If so, another user had some great advice on how to properly ride so that this won't happen: imagine an invisible line coming straight up from the wheel, and try to keep your head in line with it.

    Don't lean forward to go, just push down with your front foot, being sure to balance the back end with your other foot. Keeping your head directly above the wheel helps you do this.

  • What you say sounds reasonable to me. Thank you for the comments. I don't have more questions. Just a suggestion. Maybe metallic bumpers will be more safe for those cases the rider doesn't proceed properly (humans make mistakes, quite often by the way) and nose dive finishes happening, on the tarmac for example. I think would be better bumpers slide than crash... Safe ride!

  • It looks (and sounds) to me like you were going to the point of pushback and back again several times before the wipeout. Then you accelerated so aggressively to pass the bikes that you couldn't have felt the pushback. I have done this and the amount of weight shifting to the front to get that kind of acceleration makes it impossible for the board to push back in a significant way. This is just my humble opinion. I hope that it helps.

  • Gotta respect the push back, after a few crashes I rarely go past the push back. It's far easier to recover from potential falls when going 10, than 15, not to mention the impact..

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