Thrown off after nosedive with no pushback warning (nose dive, nose-dive)

  • HI Franky. I see what you are saying. I snowboard, ski, skateboard, mountain bike, and love sports that have that potential risk. I have broken bones over the years from sports, but wouldn't ever stop doing them because of the risk, as I know risk is involved the moment you participate. I'm okay with that. I would rather have mother nature come into play and throw me off my board unpredictably (skateboard hitting a rock, etc. which has happened to me many times), rather than an electrical malfunction within the equipment. There will be many people riding these onewheels who aren't necessarily experieced with other sports that involve good balance, athletic ability, etc., so it's important for onewheel (FM) to ensure the product maintains its relatively easy to ride manner. It is crucial that the onewheel does not have faults in the system (whether that be firmware or hardware) causing the board to abruptly halt, from a safety standpoint. Mother nature factors are impossible to control and people don't have any issues without.

  • Don't forget my threads! ( I have 2)

    I don't even know when/if push back is happening, the only warning I get is the chirp/buzz at max speeds. With the new 3034 version I can't tell how fast or how near I am to the limit anymore.

    I wish I hadn't taken the update, the other day I was able to nose down on take off, not to mention the tail grinding. My board has to go back to FW, it's making all sorts of chirping/virbation noises even at lower speeds and a slight hmming..

  • Just watched the video, looks exactly like my wipeouts..

    It's like the board noses down and HARD STOPS.

    I'd rather it keep going at least you'd have an opportunity to save yourself...

  • Not sure what these guys are seeing in the video about your foot moving, I don't see it and even if it did the board shouldn't shut down down like that. When I jump off cubs or over bumps my foot comes completely off the sensor and keeps going. Even picking up my heal or toes the board doesn't shut off as long as your in motion.

  • I recently got a second hand one (firmware V.3034, hardware V.2206) And the first time i rode it on extreme mode(idk if its extreme mode 1.0 or 2.0, it dosent state in my app), i felt a somewhat gradual and gentle pushback when going at higher speeds but i wasnt sure if that was the pushback. After i had it fully charged, the next day i went to ride it again and wanted to see how fast this thing could go so i tried to leaned forward more and the next thing i know, i was thrown off the board which resulted in a bad fall with cuts and abrasions. I DIDNT FELT ANY PUSHBACKS THIS TIME, and i just nosedived. The onewheel sites says that extreme mode has no pushback however ive seen some others say on the forum that there is pushback on the extreme mode, so im really confused. The following day, i switched to classic mode and felt a rather more forceful pushback. And when i tried on the extreme mode again i hit 12.5mph and still couldnt felt any pushback and i didnt want to lean forward any further as i dont want to the same situation to happen to me again. I feel that having a little pushback as a warning sign is better than having no pushbacks at all as it sort of cautions you from nosediving. So my main questions are that:

    1. are there pushbacks on the extreme mode if so how do i set it?
    2. does the firmware or extreme version have anything to do with it ans how do i update them?

    Would greatly appreciate if anyone could help me with this problem. Thanks!

  • I'm thinking you leaned into it a little to hard..

  • @njcustom nah i tried to lean forward and gain speed gradually but i still felt no pushbacks.

  • @smashdunk if you push to hard you won't really feel the pushback.. Especially if you push hard when the pushback is close.. Not sure that makes sense lol..

  • I've nosedived twice. Luckily I ran them both out. I didn't feel much pushback both times. My guess is I just leaned to hard, though it almost felt like extreme 1.0 and not 2.0.

  • Same here:

    Sudden nosedive. Thank god for soft sand. Would be pretty painful on asphalt

  • @njcustom like i said man haha i pushed them gradually, slowly gaining speed. And i didnt even feel the slightest pushback. U know what im saying

  • @killerClownShoes wow haha did u felt any pushbacks? Im not sure if mine is 1.0 or 2.0 too

  • @tomtnt i nosedived on aspault and it sucks without the pushbacks as warning sign when youre speeding. Did u felt the pushback?

  • @smashdunk I had no pushback. I wasn't exactly pushing the board too hard either since I was carrying a gopro on a gimbal without a case and not wearing a helmet!

    This onewheel had some other issues related to the battery and I sent it back to tech support for repair... they said they repaired some components (not much details) and they did upgrade it to a newer firmware than what is available via the app.

    These sort of incidents are why I mainly use my onewheel for fun on beaches, trails, etc rather than for commuting on the streets.

  • @tomtnt i tried watching your sensor foot real close. does not look like it came off completely, but it may have been off a little? I have yet to have any nose dive issues on mine, but i have to be honest.. this shit scares the hell out of me. A nosedive on concrete at high speed has to be brutal. would love it if FM can confirm that this is a bug in some boards.

    ps. what drone setup are you using?

  • Extreme mode has push back, right around 10-12 mphs not sure the exact speed. My guess it you're not realizing it's happening and probably pushing thru it. Once you override the push back you can easily go to far forward and nose dive. Try cruising at a slow speed then slowly up to max speed, you'll notice the board lifting closer to 10ish..

    After a few nose dives I've stopped pushing thru the push back, if you do you have to realize there's really not much room for error, any little bump or shift can throw you to far forward and if you're not 100% focus you're not gonna save it...

  • @callenj357 i nosedived on asphalt and had cuts and abrasions on my feet knee hips and elbows. Cos i didnt had any pushbacks. Would really appreciate if anyone could help me with this issue thanks.

  • @parrothd im very sure that i had no pushbacks. However the first time i rode it i felt some pushbacks. The next few time i rode it i didnt felt any. Andby the way, my seller tried to show me and meddled with it manualy to change modes cos i didnt had ios. So im not sure that maybe that might be causing my board to not have pushbacks? And also why does the onewhee site state that extreme mode has no pushback. But just now i had tried many times to lean forward slowly and gain speed gradually but i still felt no pushbacks at high speeds.

  • You should update to the latest firmware, buy a used iphone 4s, they're around $100?..

    Or barrow an Iphone and do the update. You can manually change modes without the app but how are you determining battery level?

  • @parrothd whata the latest firmware? I used one of my family member's iphone to download the app. It didnt promt me to update anything. And as for the battery lvl. I wouldnt know how much battery i have so i just estimate my range. And i would only normally go on short cruises.

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