Thrown off after nosedive with no pushback warning (nose dive, nose-dive)

  • I have a brand-new board with firmware 3056. In Classic mode the pushback was too much, like the tail was almost dragging on the ground. I changed it to Extreme on day 2 and it's way nicer to ride, but I don't think I can feel any pushback. It vibrates when it's approaching top speed, but it gets pretty sketchy, so I can only carefully dip into the power then have to back off. I've gone off the front a few times, but I kind of like the fact that the board takes some skill to ride. I'm hoping I can get the feel for pushing it along at full speed.

  • @jp in 3056, extreme - doesn't the board still gradually lean its tail down as you pick up speed? That's what mine is doing.... very annoying as I hate riding with the tail oriented down.

    I rode it "backwards" with the sensor foot on the back and it doesn't "sag" as much

  • @rainynite over .5 mph you only have to be on 1 sensor.. It will only shut off under .5mph on 1 sensor

  • @tomtnt, I don't feel any push back at all. I've tried riding it backwards a bit, but should do it more to see if there's a difference. Definitely no "sag".

  • @njcustom is this 100% true? I've never seen that anywhere before

  • @kelp 10000% true lol.. It's easy to test for yourself..

  • First ride last night in my parking garage. Seemed to feel some push back so I gave extra lean and the nose went straight to the ground. Luckily it's a very smooth surface so the front slid vs stopped and I stayed on. Learning to respect the board early.

  • @bigskyinminnie first off, gratz on your new favorite thing! Are you still in basic mode? (default on new board). I would be careful pushing through the push back in this mode. You hit the wall pretty quick and will get the nose up push back. Most find it easier to go straight to extreme mode.. which will give you some more speed and acceleration.

    Definitely be careful muscling through the pushback though.. and wear helmet and wrist guards, especially when riding on concrete or other hard surfaces.

    I took my board to a well maintained sports field the first few days. Very short grass makes for pretty smooth riding.. and hurts a hell of a lot less when face planting.. which i did often (usually due to over confidence and trying to exceed my current skill level). Rolling out of a nasty fall is painful on concrete!

  • @callenj357 thanks! I was pretty excited to get the shipping notice about a month earlier than expected. I stared out in extreme mode after reading numerous forum notes on classic being fairly limited. My frontside turns are pretty weak as I'm nervous abouut front foot lift. I dropped the tire pressure a bit and that seemed to help.
    I'm guessing, after some more riding I'll have a better sense of where the limits are and yeah, I should wear some gear. Rolling out of a fall at 39yrs old isn't quite like it was at 16!

  • @njcustom just got mine today. ive read a lot about the phantom nosedives and thought they concluded it was due to both sensors not being 'depressed' or 'sensed' as it were haha. I was genuinely seeking info :D

  • @tomtnt thanks :D

  • @kelp I didn't know til future motion told me in an email.. Then tried it and sure enough worked..

  • I keep reading aobut push backs griding sounds and people injured after nose-dives. First thing I can think of is 0,5$ buzzer controlled by software! It should be configurable (could be switched off from app) and just warn rider when approaching board limit. I guess all of the buyers will accept board which is 1500,5$ instead of 1500.

    Another idea - just two small wheels from skates in front bumper and 70% of injured people would be safe on concrete and asphalt in nose dive situation. Also great for transportation - you can drag OW instead of carrying it.

    I sometimes think they're too busy counting $$$....

  • In this long thread, couldn't find a response from OneWheel, is there one? This also happened to me once. And, I have found the speed at which 'push back' occurs is very inconsistent. This has been worrisome. I grew up skateboarding and it's normal to increase your speed as you get more comfortable with your board and the road you are on. So OneWheel needs to fix this problem. And, the inconsistent pushback can be crazy making and make you lose confidence in the board. I swear the board now pushback at a slower speed than it did a few days ago. OneWheel?

  • @Kwok Before they get sued...they need to address this. If you are at the top limit of the boards allowed speed...why would you have a system that suddenly turns off the board balancing? That makes no sense. And, the speed at which push back occurs is definitely inconsistent in my experience.

  • @DFauvre Nobody wants to sue them. I'm only saying they're not doing enough to ensure customer satisfaction/safety.

  • no one sues skateboard/snowboard/surf companies when they go down a hill too big/steep for their own skill level and hurting themselves...

    this is a boardsport but yes we should think of ways to keep ourselves safe while we get to do this amazing thing

  • Has OneWheel responded to this? If yes, where in this thread? I had a similar experience. I was riding in Extreme mode. I was going very slow down a flat sidewalk, I decided to come to a stop, slowed down, and was nearly stopped and the nose suddenly dropped to the sidewalk and I went flying. I thought I did something wrong getting off...then a few hundred feet later...again in Extreme mode and going SLOW on a flat sidewalk, the nose suddenly dropped all the way to the sidewalk and I went flying again. I was NOT going fast enough for 'push back' I was not turning or carving, I was riding VERY slowly. I have monitored the speedometer while riding (not recommended although I did a few times), and the board always gave push back at 12-13mph. I was no where near those speeds. I have emailed OneWheel and expect a response. I LOVE riding the OneWheel. And if it occasionally suddenly has a software error and stops auto balancing...well any of us could get killed. I want a response from One Wheel.

    I have a theory, although it's not likely to as someone who has worked in high tech for decades.

    Without the fender covering the wheel, sometimes a lot of gravel can built up on the top of the grip tape between the inside of one's shoe and the wheel. if this gravel (and I do NOT move my foot on the blue stripes EVER), so I do not know how this could have happened, had gotten under my shoe...maybe the blue stripes thought I had stepped off the board so stopped auto balancing. This could only have occurred if the gravel was under my shoe when I got back on to ride the second time.

    I now ALWAYS check to make sure the grip tape is completely clean of any dirt, gravel, etc.

    And, how do you buy the fender kit? I can't find the accessories on the site anymore.

    What I want is feedback from OneWheel...PLEASE do not make random comments, assumptions, guesses, etc. If you have had the same experience please post. If you know a solution or have heard from One Wheel please post an answer. If OneWheel has responded in this post among the 80+ responses, someone please tell me where. I can't stand reading all the typical forum BS.

    Thank you and Ride On!!!

  • @Kwok They will get sued if this is actually a board software error...that's a given. And, it just happened to me twice in a row at LOW speeds. So they need to address it. Did you contact OneWheel support? Did they respond to you?

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