Thrown off after nosedive with no pushback warning (nose dive, nose-dive)

  • @to-moto I'm not sure that would help, though, since when you're off balance and shift your weight to the front of the board, it's purely a downward motion, straight into the ground. A metal fender would just make a bigger dent in the pavement when you nosedived.

    But hey, it could be worth testing. You never know.

  • @Kwok I had the same idea about the small wheels in the front bumper! Makes sense to me but some people would not want to trade any clearance for it. I don't think that FM is too busy counting money to worry about safety or customer satisfaction. Their customer service is exemplary and they are constantly innovating to stay on top.

  • @to-moto with all respect,I think this should go To the accident log post :-)

  • Here are my 2 cents.

    The foot pad sensors are too small which is causing the vast majority of these "no pushback nosedives."
    Most people ride any board whether it be skate, snow, or surf, in a bit of a duck stance with their feet pointing outwards. The OW has foot sensors that are completely perpendicular to the board. This means if your front foot moves even a tiny bit or you put more pressure on the outside of your foot while riding, the foot sensors disengage and the OW nosedives.

    Larger foot pad sensors would eliminate 90% of these accidents.

  • @to-moto
    How about roller blade wheels mounted horizontally on front.
    I too had a bad nosedive and messed my elbow up. Extreme mode has dumped me every time ive used it. I will use classic mode when I decide to get back on. They want you to pay shipping which is about 100 dollars. They offered to look at it for me too. I think they really need to adjust the modes or offer more variance and fine tuning of the modes. There is absolutely no pushback in extreme. This is dangerous! They need to mitigate or someone may decide to litigate!

  • @to-moto
    Just wanted to add another thing. I seperated my shoulder 20 years ago on a mountain bike and hit pavement. It was an AC 3 which is worse. I had surgery for it. The 3 and 4 is when the clavicle comes out. Consider yourself more fortunate than me if this helps any. When you heal up get some dummbels and build that muscle up around the shoulder. I take gloucosamin chondroitin and cats claw every day and this helps. Hang in there.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @powder I was out riding this afternoon along carving turns down a quiet neighborhood street like I normally do at 4-6 mph. The motor suddenly stopped and I was thrown over the front. That is the First time this has happened to me while the OW was moving at a reasonable speed but it sounds like this is a common event.

  • Would love an IOS app, but, unless you have a jail broken iPhone, apps have to be put through the iTunes AppStore process, which last I knew took forever... FYI. Best for FM to take some notes and release these features in an update for us IOS users.... Plzzzz :)

  • @thegreck not if shape is designed for it. Like the metallic protection parts on the bikes and or motorcyclist garments specialy designed for sliding when a fall happens.

  • @wheeler sorry abt your ac3. Actually am going to visit the specialist Wednesday. I don't like the quite important swelling on my shoulder because the collarbone pressure. I fear it is a grade 3 or so... Hope am wrong.

  • @wheeler am in Catalonia Spain shipping from/to here $350. I think they are investigating but to recognize it means to recognize a problem which means accepting responsibility and this is little bit dangerous for a company that sells such a kind of product. Am sure sooner than later they will find the solution. In the meantime it is better to ride with as many body protections as possible. At least as many as for riding a bike for example. Maybe when am able to ride again they have found the solution in the meantime. Hopefully.... Cheers!

  • @wheeler I do not Work for OneWheel. I run my own site and Youtube "We Ride Onewheel" Info and fun stuff for the Onewheel community. ( Clubs Coming Soon )

  • @thegreck
    Is elevated mode more safe than extreme?
    Maybe it keeps you more conscious of lewning back?

  • @wheeler I find Elevated to be a personal preference, but you should try it out because it might make you less likely to put too much weight forward, or at least make you more conscious of doing it like you said.

  • @thegreck
    Ive been wanting to see how elevated is. I will test it on the soccer field first. I wish there were more modes. I keep checking the app store for an app update. Hopefully they'll add a mode above classic.
    I lack speed discipline and eat it on extreme too much. You really have to stay centered. If you lean too far ober that center point, like most have said you will be picking pebbles out of your palms.

  • @Tartopom Fixed the battery alert issue and just pushed the update. It should now work with the screen turned off or locked (just tested it). I have to admit, it's a cool idea/feature, I spend less time looking at the screen now when riding to see the battery stats (which is also safer).

  • @parrothd Does it still disconnect when you turn off your screen? That shouldn't happen, it should keep running.

    As far as falling, I'm going to try different treads. The shoes I'm wearing are hiking shoes or tennis shoes - hiking shoes seem to be better. It looks like one of the foot pads is a bit on the sensitive side, it's detecting my foot coming off then the OW is going down.

  • @kwatts Great :) I will try it in the coming days. right now it's I prefer to not ride under rain :) Have you considered my feedback for further improvments? :) it sound stupid, but at first I don't know "mode 2" was extreme for example, it's not obvious ;)

  • @wheeler , be one with the board. I am skateboarder/snowboarder/surfer. I have nosedived and ate it only once. Knock on wood. But I have nosedived only a few times and caught my self (every time I either accelerated too fast or was turning going uphill slowly and disengaged one sensor pad) But I can feel and hear the motor when I gets to the limit. "Know your board, know the motor, and let it be an extension of you." That should be my quote line. Lol

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