Thrown off after nosedive with no pushback warning (nose dive, nose-dive)

  • @smashdunk that's extreme 1.0.. Almost everyone is riding 2.0 now..I wish I had 1.0.. I hate the pushback

  • Push back is better, it used to be a rev limiter vibration but only right before you hit the edge. They also muted the acceleration with 3034, I may try and switch back but....

  • what do you guys mean by 1.0 or 2.0 exactly? My firmware is 3000 and I do have pushback.

  • @Tonio extreme mode 1.0 is now 2.0.. They updated the app which updated extreme mode

  • My app has the elevated mode. But from what you guys are saying mine feels like the extreme 1.0. Cos i still hear the metal or engine straining sounds and vibration. And i dont get pushbacks. Is this possible?

  • @smashdunk Tried to push the limits a bit today and experienced the same thing: No pushback but some rumbling and vibration when going fast. I'm on firmware 3056 (one that is preloaded on the newest boards, as far as I can tell) - might they have removed pushback in Extreme mode in the latest firmware?

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  • @madsb yeah man i waa thinking the same thing too.

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  • I have 3040, and there's pushback, I know cuz it annoys me.. Maybe it's removed in yours..

  • @parrothd it annoys me too

  • @parrothd you wouldnt know how the heck its removed right hahahaa

  • @njcustom is this gradual pushback the sensation that the board starts to elevate the nose and sinks the tail? if so, yes, pushback is still there in extreme/fw3056. I also hate the pushback - i hate riding with the nose elevated and trying to stop when the tail is so close to the ground.

  • @tomtnt yeah that's it..

  • So maybe i should start to be glad that mine has no pushbacks hahaha

  • I had an extremely painful nosedive today at approximately 11mph that sent me hard on my hip (I was riding in extreme mode). The board seemed to completely cut off the engine and stop while I was at near high speed. This sucked. I think my heel came slightly off the board, but I think the engine should never cut completely if there is some pressure on the pad at such a high speed. It doesn't make any sense. You would never want the engine to completely cut at a high speed unless there were no pressure on either side of the pad. This isn't the first time this has happened to me, but it is the first time at high speed it happened, and it makes me nervous to get back on the board. My hip is bruised pretty bad. I really hope the developers can fix this issue. It seems simple. The engine should never cut at high speed when there is pressure on either side of the pad. I can't think of a downside.

  • @elsup
    As @Franky also replied somewhere here, these things seem to happen almost only to new riders. I am a member of this forum for some months now, and also to me it shows that all new riders talk about malfunctions on the sensor etc...

    For what it's worth, I bruised my hip pretty bad 2 times in 1 week, hurt for a month!

  • @Polle I think I agree with you.. People seem to be pushing to hard and not knowing the limits.. I figured out the limits in the first few days.. Been over a month with no spills.. Everyone thinks it will hold their weight no matter how hard they lean, unfortunately it won't hold forever and will give out..

  • @elsup i think you posted your issue in the wrong place though lol

  • Today i rode it and nosedived at high speeds again. And i felt a little very subtle pushback when reaching high speeds. ONLY SOMETIMES (not all the times idk why) And i felt that the pushback was very easily unnoticed when cruising at high speeds. However how i fell of today was that while cruising at high speeds on the street there was sort of a curb down about a 15cm or so (sorry im not so good at describing it, hope someone understands) that i had to land, and i didnt notice the curb cos it was at night (LED light's reach isnt that far) so i rammed through and landed down the curb heavily causing the front pad to hit the ground hard (hard nosedive) and i was thrown out of the board (this time really bad cuts) due to forward momentum of course as i was leaning forward. Just imagine, theres probably no way i could have balanced the board on that sudden rough landing and not nosedived that if u got what i was describing. Is this probably like an issue for improvemtment on the onewheel's balance ability.

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