Thrown off after nosedive with no pushback warning (nose dive, nose-dive)

  • @kwatts just an FYI, looks like the formatting is off on my Nexus 6, I can't scroll down to see the connect stats area and the lower fields below motor temp ..


  • @parrothd same thing on my ASUS ZenFone 2 :-)

  • @kbern Its been a couple of years since you posted, and I have the OW V2, not v1 and had almost same situation occur. Under 12 mph, climbing very slight incline (just a little bit steeper than flat street) and I had just come out of a 90 degree turn, carving right. Nose dive that caused me to "superman" forward on my wrists. (lucky I was wearing one wrist guard and an apple watch, which saved me) Anyway Carla at OW (I called support) thinks I was just "on it too much" but I am wondering if a battery cell malfunctioned. I've seen drones do that. Did OW every shed any light on this for you?

  • @kbern when your trying to get past the cyclist you are really pushing it.
    So you probably pushed right past the limit.

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