International Flights

  • Greetings !

    Has anyone been on an international flight with a OW ?

    I am traveling from NYC to South Africa in November and just wonder if they're gonna give me shit about it ?!


  • @Haggis373 Pretty much every airline is refusing to allow any motorized board on the plane, checked or carry on.

  • Now that I have evolved beyond bipedal walking and my feet have fused to my onewheel, I don't trust anything or anyone that has a negative reaction to the onewheel, especially including airline companies. I am boycotting the airlines until us onewheelers have equal rights and can once again stow our wheeled monopods in our overhead storage compartments. It may be a slow acceptance but we as onewheelers can expect and ask for the same equal opportunities that two leggeds enjoy. We must always be courteous and representatives of the movement whenever we are rolling so as to win the reputation of being "safe" fellow citizens and once again have access to the same public areas and services as the establishment.

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