infinite or back up power

    1. Solar helmet makes sense and doesn't look as silly in central europe. ;)
    2. Solar blanket for charging in the park or during a break, barbeque with no power supply.
    3. Double or triple size battery for the back-pack.
    4. Safety connector on the cable in case you get thrown off. Like on the first xbox maybe.
      Going to fetch mine on saturday, so stoked already!!!

    Best regards

  • yes we need more battery life. The onewheel is fun but battery life is not very good

  • @charge360 but really though, look again at how compact this device is and what its capable of and remember your still bound by earthly limitations. Haven't you ever been near the end of a 7 mile ride and been amazed at how far this thing under your feet has taken you?!

  • My battery replacement project is near completion. There are some issues, such as the app wont be able to monitor the backup battery, but I will use the backup battery first, without the ability to monitor. I have a voltage monitor for that battery, and when it gets low enough, I will simply switch to the stock onboard battery. Though solar is a cool idea, it will NEVER work for the amperage needed to charge this battery. Even 500w converters choke when trying to charge the OneWheel from a car, and a solar charger will be lucky to put out a watt or 2...

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Count how many watts does the standard charger need?

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