A few technical questions about the board

  • Still doing the waiting game, but got a few questions.
    How does the underside look on the Onewheel? Im trying to decide if its possible to slide on rails with it. Is there a risk of destroying vital parts underneath it?

    Secondly, if I would, theoreticly boardslide with it, how will it behave while the wheel is "freehanging" on midair, and how would it behave when I land? Will the board go bananas and shut of, accelerate etc, gain tons of speed and then shoot away when I land due to built up momentum of the wheel?


  • I'm curious how it reacts as well. I want to do maneuvers that will have me flying in the air off ramps.

  • Board weight is 25LB...if you want slide or do big air with OW do it near an hospital....:ambulance: :ambulance: :ambulance:
    I think that OW is more freeride than freestyle for the moment....

  • Stop being such a pessimist :D with a couple of added bindings, I bet you can ollie (jump) atleast some. If I cant, that just means I have to hit the gym better. Still wondering how the Onewheel will react to it.

  • @BadWolf good luck ;-)

  • Not to be a pessimist but I think you will find the board is limited at this point to an algorithm that doesn't understand the concept of catching air. But there is only one way to find out....good luck and post the videos!

  • Mine caught air in the overhead luggage compartment of an American Airlines flight. That's about it though.

  • @BadWolf the thing is built like a tank so I wouldn't worry too much about damaging the board during a land. The underside I wouldn't think is made for much abuse but I think it's inline with the frame so if you were to slide it would be the frame taking the weight.

  • I have this, 1 min from my house.. or 2 by walking, and 30 sec with a Onewheel.. ;) this is why I asked about the board.. if nothing else, its a nice spot to play around at.

    IMG_6732 - Copy.JPG IMG_6734 - Copy.JPG IMG_6733 - Copy.JPG IMG_6735 - Copy.JPG

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