Wakeboarding the dog, like playing a caught fish

  • You know that cartoon trope where the fisherman is being towed by a gigantic fish and he's still trying to fight it by leaning back and water-skiing behind it?

    I don't know how many of you have walked/run your dogs with your OneWheel. It's absolutely wonderful to do off-leash if your circumstances allow. On-leash, with the right dog, it's pretty amazing, too. I have a young Bernese Mountain Dog who goes nuts when the OneWheel comes out. BMDs are working dogs, and the job that they were bred for was drafting little carts full of milk.

    If it's not to warm out I'll run him for a quarter mile so he's not obnoxiously spunky, then put him on-leash and let him pull me while I basically "wakeboard" behind him, braking to slow him down and regeneratively charging the battery. It's way fun. Sometimes he goes suddenly off-course, but I can usually wrangle him back in line without dropping the leash.

    He's a pretty clever dog and can understand when it is and is not appropriate to pull on the leash, but there are probably pooches out there in whom this behavior should not be encouraged. If you have a big, energetic dog who isn't a total idiot on the leash and you're pretty confident with your riding and balance, give it a shot.

    Obviously, be sure he/she doesn't get overheated and has plenty of opportunities to stay hydrated. I don't think it's too terrible for their health to let them pull you by their collar for a little while and most dogs will tucker out pretty quick and then just trot along beside you. I might get a harness for mine when the weather cools down again and see how far I can push this concept.

  • Wouldnt work with me as I have a fatass weiner dog. Id be dragging the poor little guy.

  • @juts Maybe if you hang a stuffed badger on a fishing pole in front of him with your free hand for motivation? I'm thinking you should probably at least stage a photo of this and upload it here.

    Seriously, though. This isn't something I set out to do one day. I had him out for a walk/run near my house and he was being extra naughty, so I decided to suck it up and put him on the leash figuring I can always let go if I needed to. Then it turned out to be pretty enjoyable for us both.

  • @bmtka lol id have to get someone to snap a pic for me but ill do it for giggles. I posted several pics of my OW on my instagram cause I do this all from my phone

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