Grinding sensation at high speeds

  • My Onewheel has already got some miles behind and the more I ride it, the more often I get this grinding sensation at higher speeds. The wheel does not turn freely, it's almost as if somebody would have programmed a sensation of sand in the bearings. And the bearings are fine.

    Originally I recall this only occurring when approaching max speed and I thought it was an extreme mode push back. But now I keep getting it way more often, even at faily low speeds when accelerating uphill. It's almost as if the max speed push back would have started to malfunction. It's very uncomfortable and it's actually destabilizing the ride.

    What can I do to somehow reset this thing and make it act as when new?

    And do make this forum compatible with iPads. I tried to post this on my iPad and after typing a single letter in the topic the view gets automatically scrolled to the top of the page hiding what I'm typing.


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