onewheel mini-fender 3D Printable

  • Dear all,

    I just finished to install my newly designed and printed onewheel mini fender.
    I'm not a professional designer and I will be more than happy of one of you can improve it.
    Nevertheless, it's working! it's cheap, you can break it and print it again...and I wanted a mini one because I like to see the wheel spinning but don't like to have debris on the footpads.



    Hope you will find it useful ;)

  • @Tartopom looks great. I like the concept a lot.

  • @Tartopom j'adore aussi le concept! Juste une remarque sur la couleur que j'aurai plutôt vu noir ou bleu mais peu être tu n'as pas eu le choix? En tout cas si t'as moyen de produire et d'avoir d'autres couleurs je suis preneur #fendermadeinfrance :)

  • @LidPhones thanks a lot, the design is still in progress, I should have a V2 soon :-)

    @fabuz j'ai eu l'idée en cassant mon garde boue carbone... ma wheel est tombé dessus et il a craqué.
    La couleur est juste un test, j'avais beaucoup de Orange et pas beaucoup de noir, mais je peux l'imprimer comme je veux et au pire mettre un coup de plastidip noir :-)
    Ľ idée c'est déjà de valider le concept donc j'attend de pouvoir rouler...

  • This is pretty cool.

    And you can always attach another half if you want full cover.

  • I really like the design. I have been hesitant on getting a fender for fear of rocks getting lodged between the fender and wheel and causing damage to one or both. Are you using magnets to attach to the frame?

  • I Love this Idea. I want to start creating things in 3D as well and this is an awesome idea that could be modified in so many ways. I can't wait to see V2.0 I will have to print it out.

  • @LWMcQuaid thank you for your support. I'm not using magnet because while offroading I always loose my fender from @njcustom, so I will modify it to use thumbscrews. Right now I'm waiting for them so during this time I'm using double sided tape ;-)

  • First test tonight, what I can say? It works great to prevent debris and stone to come on your footpad , work ok in compact mud, but not enough protection for water.
    So basically, for those who ride under rain, I can't recommend it. But for those like me who road off road and just want to prevent dirty footpads, it's working great :-)

  • The version 2 is on its way...less large, a little less high, more should fit more nicely :)


  • Cool idea.... I don't like crap flying on my footpads, or all over my legs as well :)

  • I can't wait to see this version.

  • @Tartopom what about a a small thin brush for the inside?

  • @Tartopom I want some!

  • Where do you buy those plugs?

  • @Seekwence You can either buy a handful of them from , or follow me around for a while, because I always seem to lose mine within a day of putting one in.

    Pretty sure it's happening when I'm sliding it under the seat on the train during my daily commute, because I never used to lose them before I started taking the train.

  • @Seekwence honestly I'm not sure this could make a difference, well adjusted, the mini fender keep your footpads and your legs clean works while riding in the sands or you your daily urban commute.
    The look is nice and if you break it, you can just print a new one :-P

    Right now the design is fixed for the v3, I jumped directly the v2 because it was not easily printable, the v3 keep almost the same design but print faster, more easily... in theory because I fail to print it for the 3rd time, my filament have some problem and my extruder is completely obstructed... So I can't print anymore for few days :’-(
    If someone has a printer, I can send him the v3 stl files to make a test print for the forum :-)


  • Now we're talkin! Can you make one in Royal Blue? How can I get one? Are you selling them on Ebay?

  • @frotozoa I will release the final design and files soon, just need to print it and test it to validate this model.
    Then you will be able to order a print in the color and material you want on thingiverse, sculpteo or other 3d printing company.
    I don't sell anything, giving the file for free :)
    If it is useful for the community and if I see people riding with it, I will be happy :)

  • @Tartopom thanks and it seems dope from what ive been able to gather from reading. would it be possible for you to post a video of you riding with it? also what about those of us who dont have 3d printers... or did i miss that somewhere in this post

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