The (almost)1Month Review

  • My thoughts after my first three weeks with a onewheel:
    What a blast! It is so much fun to carve around on, feels very much like snowboarding in spring corn or heavy powder. In fact I was surprised at how much more like snowboarding it feels like than skateboarding (I found that some of my skateboarding instincts were counterproductive when starting out). I was sooo wobbly on it for the first twenty mintues or so and am actually kind of glad I didn't test ride one before I got it, because it definitely takes a session or two to really start feeling the potential. Im amazed at the power uphill and low end torque when navigating over and around obstacles off road (I'm about 200lbs riding 15-18psi). And the soft wheel can handle anything that you can throw at(under) it. Again my skateboarding instincts sometimes get in the way as I find myself naturally looking out for large rocks and puddles, no need to worry on the onewheel. It's hard to find a criticism, but I guess I would want about 2mph faster top speed and it could probably be a bit lighter while still feeling substantial and we'll built. Bottom line: Get one!! (And hit me up if you're ever riding near Anchorage, AK)
    What an age we live in! Between the iPhone and the onewheel, the future provided twelve year old me with everything he'd imagined. (Aside: My dog just farted and woke himself up)

  • @LWMcQuaid

    Indeed. FM hit it on the mark with just about everything especially the low end torque you mentioned.
    That ultra voltage capacity it has will plow you through just about anything slow or fast.
    Others can't even come close to the quality.
    Kyle is the man...

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