Removable Side-Handle for Onewheel: AVAILABLE NOW!


    A few months ago I teamed up with @Jimmers75 (maker of the Bespoke Onewheel Bag to help me realize a few ideas I had for Onewheel accessories we both felt needed to exist for all of the Onewheel fans out there. He and his very talented craftsman father-in-law, Barry, have been instrumental in helping me take my original prototype of the Side-Handle into the thing of beauty that it is today. And soon we’ll have a refined, professionally made version of the Simple Backpack Rig I posted about on these forums a while back ( So be on the lookout for that, along with a few other surprises that we’re both really excited about!


    We love riding our Onewheels, but unfortunately, it's inevitable that at some point we have to pick it up and carry it. And lugging that beast for any distance at all can be painful.

    Enter the Removable Side-Handle. This simple device will make a world of difference. It was designed specifically for the Onewheel, and it greatly reduces the majority of negative issues associated with carrying it. Never fear having to lift your Onewheel again!

    The Onewheel is heavy, that's a given. But the placement and design of the shallow, built-in handle makes it even worse. It forces you to support the entire load with your fingertips, and because the handle is on the end of the board, not only are you trying to counterbalance a 25-pound pendulum swing with each painful stride, any time you have to go up or down stairs, you have to lift it to prevent it from banging on every step. And all of this gets increasingly more difficult the longer you carry it.

    The Side-Handle fits on the side of the Onewheel, eliminating that awkward swinging affect, which means you exert less strength controlling it. And since the board is now horizontal, it puts an end to the need to lift it when climbing or descending stairs. And being able to wrap your fingers completely around the soft-rubber handle allows you to use all of the muscles of your arm to carry it, rather than just a few tendons in your forearm.

    It's easily removable, but stays firmly in place once attached. So you can ride with it strapped on with no problem, or if you prefer, throw it in your backpack when you're done carrying it.

    We’re taking orders now! Choose from matte black, or a special varnished wood edition that really sets off the natural wood footpads. Price is from $55 US plus shipping. We'll have an online storefront up soon, but for now please PM me @thegreck for US orders, or @Jimmers75 who is located in the UK.

    Photos by @Jimmerz75:

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  • @thegreck I love it. I had a similar idea in mind but this is Great.

  • Bad ass! Count me in bro!! @thegreck

  • @MichaelW Cool man! I'll PM you my PayPal address... and you won't need to worry about shipping, I can just bring it to the Onewheel meetup.

  • I will be definitely be placing an order in the next week (when i get paid). I was riding at the park a few days ago, had to pick up my dead Onewheel and I got dog poop all over my hands, arms, shirt and pants before i realized it was on the bottom of my board... so yes, I really want this.

  • @Seekwence Great! You're gonna love this thing. Just PM me when you're ready.

  • @thegreck It's been an absolute pleasure working with you on this project and to celebrate our first joint venture why don't we offer the first 20 customers of the handle a crazy launch offer?

    If your are one of the first 20 to buy a handle then we will give you upto $10 cash back off the the list price. All you have to do is purchase a handle and once you've bought and paid for it post 2 pictures or updates about your handle on the forum and we'll pay you back $10 - simple!

    So in a nutshell it's a limited offer for the 20 customers of a handle or two and you have to post before the end of the 2016 to claim your cash back.

    Who's in?

  • @Jimmers75 id be game but i dont use paypal 😡😡

  • @juts no stress we can do a bank transfer if that works for you?

  •                                           I'm in!

  • @kelp Cool man! I just PM'd you about it.

  • So simple. So genius. Next paycheck!

  • @1woman1wheel Thanks! You won't regret it. Every time you have to pick it up, you'll be glad it's there.

  • 0_1466577440628_Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 07.36.49.png

    Hey there just thought i'd upload a quick video explainer to answer some questions that are coming in heres a link

    Any other questions you have then do get in contact


  • I can hardly wait for my new handle! So bad ass!! @Jimmers75 @thegreck

  • @Jimmers75 thats not the uk. I see sunshine and no rain :p

  • @juts I'm sure the rain will start in just a few minutes... @Jimmers75 and @thegreck, really nice job; I like the simple design!

  • @westcoastr its just like Van and the entire westcoast. Doesnt last long ahaha

  • @juts At least I know on a sunny day that it will probably stay sunny... in the UK it changes from hour to hour!

  • @westcoastr hour to hour?!! Try more like minute to minute! We just had the mother load of a hail storm, flooded the roads. Now?! Well now it's a clear moonlit sky!

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