Removable Side-Handle for Onewheel: AVAILABLE NOW!

  • @Polle I'm slightly biased because I bought my OW from my dad and he had the handle on it so I didn't have to purchase it BUT I would totally buy another if he wants his handle back. Can't imagine life without it since I had it from the start.

  • @Polle Bare with this rant for a moment, it's not aimed at you in anyway.

    I had a similar conversation on price with regards to my local cafe earlier today, some chap complained the costs were high compared to Starbucks in town.

    He's right the prices are slightly higher because it's a one cafe set up offering a cafe service that is unique and localised to our village. They offer gorgeous hand made food prepared on site and made that day from products locally sourced.

    The service of the staff is out of this world and the culture the cafe cultivates is nothing like that of Starbucks or alike. I know the prices are higher than that a multinational chain but I'm not really investing my money in the cafe for just the reasons I outline above but because of what my money will do for my village and the ripple effect of the producers of the products they use, etc

    All of our products are produced out of passion for the Onewheel community. Hundreds of man hours have been sweated away in sheds and garages perfecting the right kind of handle for us as riders. We are regular guys with regular jobs who had ideas on different sides of the pond, got together and made something of our sketches

    Of course there's alternative cheaper ways to carry a Onewheel but there's nothing like mine and @thegreck 's. These handles aren't going to make us rich by any stretch but we don't care about that what we care about is being a positive part of the fabric of the Onewheel community

    With every handle bought and the money we make, we are investing it back into new ideas that will continue to expand and push the horizons of the Onewheel experience

    Amen rant over

  • Hey all US Onewheelers, I just got a new batch of side-handles in! Matte black is $50 and varnished wood is $60 (+ $10 shipping). Shoot me an email at gregdigenti@gmail(.com) for order details.

    Trust me, if you're still carrying your Onewheel vertically, do your arm a favor and get one of these things!

  • @Jimmers75 that's more like it! Yeah interested in a matte handle.

    What next?

  • @intra Cool man if you head to our site here and head to the shop section you can purchase there. Any problems then just shout.....of sorts

  • @Jimmers75 There's still not an option to choose Australia from within the Cart.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Jimmers75 You are quite the salesman! No, only joking, I understand your point and I think it's great that people like you guys make this community better and more interesting every day. Glad to be a part of it, I read this forum more or less every day.

  • @intra Choose any country dude and when the order comes through I'll know it's yours and ship it accordingly.

  • The more in use the handle, the more I love it - sooooo much better than the end handle!

    The dowel tends to come out occasionally which makes me appreciate how it normally holds the the handle solidly in place.

    One interesting observation from having the sliding handle (loose dowel), is that the OW center of gravity is slightly off center toward the non-foot sensor end. Sliding the handle slightly that direction to the center of gravity is slightly more comfortable. Have you guys thought about offsetting the dowel?

  • I should mention too that having a fender on while using the handle is way better in my opinion - unless you don't mind the occasional tire marks on your legs :)

  • @jeff8v7 Thanks for your update. We have made an amend to the design of the dowel section to get over the initial dowel problem that you mention and that seemed to be a problem with some of the earlier handle versions.

    Dependent on availability If you're happy to send your handle back @thegreck then he will gladly swap it for one of the later re-designed handles.

    Thanks again speak soon


  • This post is deleted!

  • @Jimmers75 thanks. I just filled the hole with wood glue last night. I imagine that will fix it. :-)

  • @ellokoho Might be nice to start your own thread...

  • @jeff8v7 yes sorry, i just posted it here because I saw the title here...
    I delete my post !

  • Hey guys, we still have side-handles left in the second batch! Order yours now, they really do help make this beast much easier to carry... ask any of the 40+ people who now own one!

  • @thegreck whats the shipping time?
    If i bought today would it be here by next monday?

  • @senor.jonn Totally! I just checked your page and it looks like you're in Seattle, so you'd probably get it before the end of the week if you ordered tonight.

  • @thegreck awesome appreciate it! Ordered earlier today!:D

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