Removable Side-Handle for Onewheel: AVAILABLE NOW!

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    This handle is awesome. I've been doing a lot more off-road riding in areas where I have to pick up the board and carry it up hills that are too steep to ride and the handle made that experience much more enjoyable. In the park I normally ride (pictured here) I leave the handle on and "surf" the hills and it doesn't catch or snag on anything. Great job boys!

  • @Apio Sweet! Thanks man, glad you like it!

    And I agree... I very rarely remove my handle. When you use the Onewheel for commuting via the train in LA, you have to do a lot of walking through places where security and police officers keep yelling at you to WALK THE BOARD and also traversing a lot of stairs. Both of these are SO MUCH easier with the side-handle, for sure!

  • @thegreck Thanks for the handle it is very well made. It feels great!
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  • Has anyone tried attaching a shoulder strap to the handle? Just a detachable strap from a holdall or something, looped through. Do you think it would be comfortable?

    If that worked it would add extra value to the handle for me personally. It is a neat design on it's own and it looks like it would be handy for when you need to grab it and walk short distances, but I still balk a little at spending that much money on what is still just a handle.

  • @AdamDoubleG interesting you ask that as i was with the production team today and we have been looking at exactly that design. We tried exactly what you mentioned but the handle is to short in length to offer what we feel is a comfortable and natural carrying position when carried over the shoulder. We are looking at an extended version of the handle that will give a more comfortable carry. I will keep you posted on that development

  • We just sold our 20th side-handle! THANK YOU to everyone who ordered one from @Jimmers75 or me, we love this community and its enthusiasm! This means our $10-off discount is no longer in effect for new orders, but we are working hard on trying to bring down the cost of production, and therefore the price per handle. Stay tuned!

    I've also just sold the last of my varnished wood handles for US orders, but hope to have a new batch of handles coming in within the next couple of weeks. Thanks again, guys!

  • Thanks @Madsb for the feedback always great to hear back from happy customers:


  • Please keep me updated when you have more varnished wood handles avail. again.. Would love to buy one!(US)

  • @GlueBreath said in Removable Side-Handle for Onewheel: AVAILABLE NOW!:

    Please keep me updated when you have more varnished wood handles avail. again.. Would love to buy one!(US)

    Nevermind.. I just ordered a matt black one off the site.. fits the planned color scheme of my OW better :-)

  • @GlueBreath Great! I'll be shipping this out on Friday, thanks for the support!

  • Do you make leopard print handles? I need to step out and take some more risks. @thegreck

  • @thegreck Awesome! This will deff. come in handy in a couple weeks when I go camping with my OW.. gonna hit the trails for the first time.. have already had the displeasure of having to carry it once with no juice lol

  • Received my removeable matt black side handle yesterday.. appears to be well made and doesn't look like it will rub against the tire.. I'm happy overall.. just hope it holds together for a while given the price point.. look forward to trying it out next time I'm stuck carrying my OW.. thanks again @thegreck !

    Update : Handle worked beautifully! Man what a DIFFERENCE!.. Just got back from a quick trip to Walgreens and used it to carry it around the store.
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  • My review after 2 days (black model)

    Pros: It's hard to imagine a bettered designed OW side handle. This one feels good, looks good, attaches easily & securely. And, it does feel more natural for carrying than the end handle - easier on the hand for long hauls or a quick grab & carry.

    The peg which goes in the side hole of the OW is a nice touch for keeping the handle positioned properly.

    I noticed I set my OW down on its side everywhere now, like it's a suitcase instead of a skateboard. This keeps the tire off the floor or wall which seems a bit more polite when I'm setting it down in a restaurant or store. It's also a nice position for charging (assuming the handle is on the charger port side).

    But, setting the OW down on its side does take up more space when I'm on a train (compared to having it standing on end).

    Cons: The tire tends to rub on my shorts more with the side handle than with the end handle. It is possible but not totally natural to carry it without rubbing my leg. Perhaps I'll get used to that over time. If the wheel is wet - like today - this poses more of a problem.


    I like it. More plus than minus. I'll put my fender back on for a while and try them in combination. That should solve the rubbing on my shorts problem.

  • No option to ship to Australia?

  • @intra Yeah of course what's the address and @thegreck can get a quote for shipping. Which handle are you interested in?

  • @GlueBreath when I go to Walgreens I just grab one of their carts and throw it in....

  • @intra For basic US flat-rate mail to Australia, you're looking at $65 + $50 for the matte black handle.

  • Wow!

    A little too expensive shipping wise, would love a matte version however shipping kills that idea.

  • @intra Sorry about that. Yeah, cost of shipping a single item out of the US is pretty crazy. I wish it wasn't.

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