Board shuts down after 10 or 15 min riding

  • I keep having the same problem that after running for 10 or 15 mins, it starts to accelerate more forward even though you try to push the back to slow it out. Then as you get off it , it does not run any more and the error from the app saying overcharged problem even though the battery initially starts at 90% . The light blinks 4 times (per the manual) indicating that the problem of " invalid power-up orientation". This happens every time we take it out. I tried to switch from classic mode to elevated mode and it still has the same problem. I recently have this new onewheel about 3 days ago and it has this problem from day 1.

  • I had this issue. You will need to send it back. The app will take you to unplug because of overcharge and your board will continuously blink three times and a pause until battery drains.

  • Wait never mind I just re-read your problem and now I'm not sure.

  • @hochua I think the manual says that if you go downhill on a full charge that that can happen due to the regenerative braking. Try starting off going uphill or flat

  • I have the same problem even after riding flat terrain for 5 - 10 minutes. Quick stop and then it blinks 3 times.
    I had to carry it back home twice since it doesn't start anymore. Not much fun!
    How can I get rid of this or how can I lower the battery charge without riding?
    Any news re this?

  • I brought board to the factory and they repaired it . It works very well now. I was told that it was an error problem about the battery.

  • Damn! Lucky you to be close to the factory! I'm in Switzerland and not much riding due to this error!:disappointed:

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