Here's what I've learned in 8 weeks........

  • If you are an undecided buyer, figure out how to place an order ASAP. Plan on waiting 10 weeks, I can't fathom how that will change with the demand. FM provides a level of customer service I challenge you to find elsewhere. OW is made in the USA and is superb in quality. I am a 49 year old chiropractor with loads of awesome toys and all I think about all day long is getting on my OW. This is indeed the coolest thing anywhere you ride it. Learn to cleanly dismount before you ride anywhere. Balance, roll, get off, repeat. This simple advice will allow you to not destroy this nifty device right out of the box. 16 psi, Extreme mode and sensors always up front work well for me and I do not deviate. Bend your knees and carve with your hips on wide smooth asphalt, it is the sickest experience you will have on this thing. I have only become separated from my OW when my foot deviates from the sensor, it no longer deviates. Although many seem to experience grip tape slip on the front pad, I have noticed that it significantly decreased and did not occur on my second OW once my skill level increased and my feet relaxed. I do not move my front foot at all, ever, and steer mostly with my hips and rear heel if necessary. I quickly learned to stop on a dime and balance for extended periods and change direction for simple maneuvers, trust me, it is essential in populated areas. The most common questions, ' Did you make that? Does it have a motor? Is it difficult? How much?'
    I do not let anyone ride them, other than my 15 year old daughter, who is awesome on it and I take pride in cleaning them up after use. I totally respect all my forum brothers who allow anyone to try them out, the joy of watching someone's face when they balance for the first time is amazing. I got to experience that with my wife and daughter, totally cool to share. Don't plan on going more than 6 miles without your charger. FM claims 15 mph, I routinely find myself cruising at 16.8 mph and have peaked at 20 mph. I recommend you ride at 13 mph. Personally, I think adding bindings is not necessary, but I'm not a snowboarder, I like the skateboard deck feel. If you can afford to purchase 2, do so. Riding with someone else is amazing. The other members of this forum teach me something and make me laugh or smile every day.

  • @DocBlock Great post. You really said it all, brutha (though I don't know about those super high speeds for me!)

  • At least now I have a chiro in mind if I ever bail out too hard on a ride and destroy my spinal column

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