bad crash and concussed

  • Well it finally happened. Been shredding on the wheel since December and was coming home from dinner after a couple of drinks on Wednesday night jamming to tunes and it happened. Not sure if I dipped the nose or just simply lost control but went down hard at full speed. A bunch of road rash on my left side. Got back on the wheel and went home where my wife said I was not making sense. She asked me a bunch of questions about where I crashed, where I work, what day it was and I could not answer any of them. Looked at my left temple and have a scratch from hitting the pavement and its really sore today.Woke up this morning with a headache, and the entire inside of my left jaw hurts like I played in a NFL game last nite. Thought I was invincible but concluded that I had a concussion. Not good when your 43 years old. Wear a helmet. I did not. I will now.

  • Ouch! Bad story :(
    Hope you get well soon! Now it's time to share this kind of pic:
    I still ride without helmet sometimes but your story teach me a lesson.... (thinking about @thegreck ask me why i don't wear a helmet on my last vid)....

  • you learned it the hard could have been really worst...

  • Please head to the ER and get an MRI.
    This is no joke.
    Most likely a concussion but I wouldn't take that chance.
    Should there be any type of issue, you need a head start.

  • Please wear a helmet. Even if you have attained perfect mastery, a very large number of things are beyond your control from texting drivers in cars to nervous little animals.

    All of these things will conspire to throw you from your board. And eventually one will succeed.

    Get well soon @atl1wheelin.

  • I've also been riding my Onewheel every day since December, even commute to work on it, so I feel pretty comfortable on it. But the only time I don't wear my helmet is when I get to the train station.

    I hope you're okay, and I hope others can learn from this!


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