Thinking about purchasing a Onewheel, but...

  • @J-Glide LOL... So true they are always like where did you go for the last 30 minutes.. "Oh just a quick ride around the neighborhood".

  • @J-Glide said in Thinking about purchasing a Onewheel, but...:

    @LidPhones no, you won't regret it at all, but your friends and family will miss you when you're always gone. Haha....

    And your wife will get tired of you talking about it all the time. And I do mean All. The. Time.

  • @thegreck said in Thinking about purchasing a Onewheel, but...:

    @J-Glide said in Thinking about purchasing a Onewheel, but...:

    @LidPhones no, you won't regret it at all, but your friends and family will miss you when you're always gone. Haha....

    And your wife will get tired of you talking about it all the time. And I do mean All. The. Time.

    Or your husband!

  • Does the OW have an overall odometer? I only get a trip one in the app.
    I wonder how far I've been in total!

  • @p3eps pOWheel made by forummember @kwatts / only available on Android.

  • @p3eps I've been wanting an overall odometer too, but it's not in the OW app and the @kwatts app appears to only be for android (and I don't really feel like carrying my tablet around on my cruises). I've been tracking my rides using Map My Run and plan to add up the total mileage and add it to the odometer when an iPhone OW odometer app comes out.

  • Out of all the electronic purchases I've made in my life, I'd say the OneWheel has to be one of the very best top purchases for me. If I regret anything, it's not finding out about it sooner, ha-ha. Chances are that you'll love it too. Good luck with your decision.

  • I second what everyone has been saying here. I also was concerned when I saw the posts about nose-diving, but so far (knock-on-wood) I have had no issues. I'm trying to follow the advice given by others on this forum: keeping my center of gravity over the wheel, paying close attention to pushback, building up my skills gradually, and so far the Onewheel has been trouble-free and outrageously fun.

  • @amyt2205
    Thats it. If you can practice cog to where its like muscle memory you can go for night rides which I just found out is alot of fun just now. I put 2 strips of masking tape around the sensors to help me stay on them. The light on this thing is like a spotlight. I was turning it off and on. Like going into stealth mode...

  • Do it, pull the trigger, buy it... now. I know I am just repeating what everyone else has been repeating, but you really should buy it. I will fully admit that from a budget perspective, there is no way I should have spent the money, but I did and I don't regret it, nor does my girlfriend who rides the other one. Yes, problems occur, as they do with anything, but the community is telling you that with over 6K boards out there (last I checked), the problems that have come up really are inconsequential. And to make them truly inconsequential, Futuremotion stands behind their products. I have not personally dealt with customer service, but from everything I have read it is incredible. They understand that early adopters (can we still be called that?) are making a serious investment and I have heard no reports of anyone being hung out to dry.

    Also to address the nosediving issue, I took a nose dive early on, going uphill wearing a backpack. It wasn't fun, but it was entirely my fault. I was just beginning to feel comfortable while not really having enough experience to push it. I didn't notice the pushback and with my headphones in I didn't hear the motor screaming "no really dude, back it off!!" I was pushing it too hard, simple as that. Now I ride more aware, and never with headphones (personal choice). I have not had that experience since.

    Have I mentioned yet that you should buy it? I can't think of anything free or paid for that has put as much of a smile on my face as riding onewheels with my girl. She's happy, I'm happy, and I'l be damned if the people around us aren't smiling and pointing as well. Seriously, turn off the thinker and enter your card number. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT. Then send NJcustom an email about a fender, unless you happen to live somewhere that is never wet, dirty or sandy.

    Thats my 10 cents.

  • @J-Glide guide on how to switch the sensor?

  • @LidPhones Do you need to have the app connected each time you ride, or is the data stored in the OW and simply accessed by the app.
    As an iPhone user I don't really want to carry my tablet with me either - but it would be nice to be able to check every so often.

  • @kelp I haven't had to replace my sensor yet, but I know there are a couple of good videos on YouTube explaining it.

  • @kelp I don't think @J-Glide means he physically switches the footpads (I don't even think that's possible, since the sensor plugs are only on one side). He's just saying he turns the board around, so that sometimes he rides sensor-front, and sometimes he rides sensor-back.

  • @thegreck ok yea that makes sense. man, would that be like relearning how to get on and get off? haha

  • @miketech
    I have the future motion fender for under 90 bucks. It is stronger in my opinion and looks rad. You can actually make a fender out of a tupperware cake holder. Or anything like paper or thin plastic. Its alot cheaper than either fender.

  • @p3eps I have an iPhone as my main device to check battery levels on the go. I never leave it connected while riding for reduction of possible glitches. Then when I get home I check my accumulated miles on the android app.

  • @wheeler Stronger? Interesting, while I have never held one, everything I have read seemed to indicate the contrary. Good to know.

    Personally I didn't buy the fender initially because, I live in San Diego, it's never wet, why would I need one? After a few weeks it was clear that a fender was necessary, both for debris and for the occasional puddle. But I guess these things are important to me because I don't just ride it for fun, I commute on it and even ride it between buildings at work, times when wet feet or stopping to dump debris isn't so convenient.

    Personally, If I'm investing $1500 into something, I tend to shy away from attaching tupperware cake holders, paper or thin plastic on a permanent basis. I was actually far more likely to teach myself resin and carbon fiber construction and make my own. Thats just me though, if tupperware works, it works! You could probably get some carbon fiber looking wrap for cheap and few would know your fender started life as a cake holder. To each their own. Rock on MaGyver.

  • @miketech
    On a thin fender carbon fiber may as well be fiber glass. Now that would be cheaper. I had a Mountain bike with carbon fiber and had to send the frame back for a new one since the frame was cracked where the carbon fiber was. It was a Giant brand bike. Hopefully the fenders won't crack especially at the mountaing points. Time will tell, I guess.

  • There is no "but" when it comes to a Onewheel.... you but it... You LOVE it... End of story!!

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