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  • I hope Future Motion and other companies, Segway etc. are already pursuing this.

    The FAA already has established rules for Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Device (electric wheelchairs) and how to handle their batteries (hazmat).

    They need to come up with some kind of permit system where an airline customer can register their Onewheel under this specification to allow them since the battery is less then the 300Wh maximum. The permit would then qualify the OneWheel as not a P.O.S. from China with exploding batteries and we could enjoy cruising around in any city we travel! (Go to page 10)

    Another Idea: Onewheel rental centers at every airport! :-)

  • @lieutenantglorp I have to believe @Future-Motion is working tirelessly on this issue behind the scenes. I have to. Otherwise what is there left to live for? Haha. But seriously.

  • They probably aren't... But, they could hire me.... I could make headway on this... It's what I do... :)

  • While I would prefer to bring my own, imagine having the option at the rental car center or public transit kiosk to have a Onewheel charged and ready, available immediately upon your arrival :-)

  • Take a wheel leave a wheel stations throughout the city!!!!!

  • Yea - I need a solution to this issue : (
    Sadly I sold my onewheel because of the whole air travel ordeal. I fly a lot. One destination is Japan and I would use it as my mode of transportation on and off trains etc.. - However, I sold my onewheel because I could not bring it on the plane.

    If anybody ever has any updates on this. Please post. I do wish I could buy another one and bring it with me as I travel..

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL said in Airline Travel Solution:

    Take a wheel leave a wheel stations throughout the city!!!!!

    That would quickly turn into Take a wheel sell a wheel.

  • I would hope every electric board manufacturer would be looking into providing certification for their products to be traveled with on airlines because the electric board is growing and their ability to sell more products and to be used in versatile way (like traveling with their boards to use them as a means of transportation at their destination) then airline certification is absolutely necessary. I would it's in their favor to do so. I'm sure it would cost money initially, but if it's a joint venture by all reputable board manufacturers, maybe they'll be a way to provide certification in a less cumbersome and expensive, yet safe way.

  • here a conversation i had with the customer support about the issue

    Hi James,

    Thank you for reaching out. That is a bit of a grey area at the moment with all the "hoverboard" hype. We've been taking Onewheels on planes for the last two years with no issues. Our tech is quite a bit different than hoverboards and our boards don't catch on fire but it can be tough to explain that to TSA. I would suggest checking with the airline directly if you plan to fly with a board.

    All the battery information is located on the underside of the board. We also have UN and MSDS certifications I can provide if needed. It might be best to ship boards to their final destination for the time being.

    Hope e can get you riding.

    All the Best,

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      Greetings friends,

    I have been following the Onewheel product since it’s Kickstarter days and I can proudly say I’m not apart of the family.
    My question however is I know airlines have been rather strict regarding hoverboards… and while I’m not going to call the OW (OneWheel) a Hoverboard (HB) it stands to reason that the airline will see it as such. Would you happen to have any information on which airlines allow the OW?

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